I got my Puch running again!

My Maxi was out of commission for a few days, no spark. I put about 3 different plugs in there, no dice. Checked bulbs, looked at some wires, no good.

Then I realized the ground on the tail light was hanging loose, not grounded. Whoops. Reconnected that, and she fired right up. Sweet.

One question though-- I know there have been a lot of Puch electric threads, but since I'm here I might as well ask one question. Here's the scenario.

My horn has two wire connections in the back. A blue wire can go into the right, a brown (ground) into the right. When both are plugged in, when I start my hog, the horn continuously buzzes. It sounds neat, like a Harley on helium, but it's not good. : ( So I unplug the blue wire from the horn and it runs fine, with no horn. The horn button kills the engine. What's up?


Re: I got my Puch running again!

whoops, the blue wire goes into the LEFT, brown into right


Re: I got my Puch running again!

same thing is happenin 2 me.....ill try ur method

Re: I got my Puch running again!

carrotrope11 /

I had the same problem with my puch. Look over all of your wires on the headlight switch. I had a loose wire that was causing the problem. Also, make sure that the headlight switch is clamped tightly to the handlebars. A loose headlight switch can cause a the horn buttons to be engaged all the time.

Re: I got my Puch running again!

brian away /

Thanks. Yeah I'm thinking it really is the horn being engaged all the time.

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