'78 moto guzzi robin

i just bought a 1978 moto guzzi robin at a tag sale. under all the crud it seems to be a nice ride. unfortunately i can't get it started. what am i missing? i found it on its side and had to transport it home on its side. could the motor be flooded? how do i unflood it? thanx.

Re: '78 moto guzzi robin

take off the exhuast completly.. r... pedal like a mofo...

if it is majorly flooded like mine was youll see all kinds of gas leak out when you take the exhuast off and more will come from the tail pipe..

it's kida cool becuase the gas washes out alot of the carbon from your exhust i found.. hehe

if it doens't work so easily take the plug out and let it sit for awhile gas will eventualy evaporate... set something like a hat that will let air pass through it but not let any dirt or leaves fall into the spark plug hole.

Re: '78 moto guzzi robin

Ron Brown /

Go to Resources, Articles, How to fix your moped. Follow the guide, thank Fred, go riding


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