clutch on maxi

hello could anyone tell me where the heck my clutch is on my 1976 puch maxi. and if i would need to replace it where could i get one?THANKS ALOT!!

one or two speed engine?

is it a one or two speed engine? one speed clutch parts are a lot easier to get than two speed parts. why do you think you need a new clutch? what sorta problem do you have? there are a lot of Puch owners on this forum, it may not be your clutch.


Re: one or two speed engine?

it is the is very slow from a dead stop to get moving again.

Re: one or two speed engine?

InfectedBootSector /

Probably not a clutch problem... does it feel like it is slipping?

How is your idle?

The clutch is not cheap, especially since they quit making them years ago, and you need some special tools ( not hard to find ) to replace it properly....

Read Fred's Guide first before you spend any money...

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