more power out of a motobecane

I have a 1979 motobecane 50v mobylette and was wondering if there is any way to ge more hp out of it. Right now it reves a little slow and tops out at 22 mph which is not fast enough for me my friend puch is a lot faster and it is all stock. I think mine should be faster with the very able clutch

any help welcomed

Re: more power out of a motobecane

Spike Bachman /

My first moped was the exact same as yours. Mine would go 30-32 mph without a problem. Stock. It sounds like it's in need of some adjustments of some sort. Things I'd do:

1. Is the gas good?

2. Is the spark hot with appropriate gap and plug?

3. Is the belt glazed or loose in the CVT (transmission)?

4. Do you weigh 600lbs?

4. Is your carb up to par - adjusted, clean, good jetting, etc.

5. How is your compression?

In other words, do the simple regular maintnence first. It should perform better without bolt-ons.

Good Luck, Spike

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