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I was curious, so I looked up how many posts some of ya'll have. So far, it's don-ohio with the most, at around 2500

ron brown and ree both are around 1500. Now that's a lot of information, or rambling...;)

I guess I'm still a newbie- only around 250.

easy to check, just search for author, and see how many responses you get.

Re: forum stats

InfectedBootSector /

God knows how many I have posted.. I've been around here for almost 2 and a half years... I never log in though, so its hard to say how much I have posted.

Re: forum stats

I don't log in either.

and imsure you all know tha tI tyope an aweful lot . of crap.. but Go to any moped forum scroll around and you will see Don-Ohio ..

I mean Every moped forum has Don-Ohio posts..

I am not sure if there is a person Don-Ohio or if Don-Ohio is some great moped intity

Re: forum stats 590

I'm not "verified" or "logged in" but I've got almost 600 posts!

Re: forum stats 590

Gah no one searched my name sniffles this is 366 for me.

And I havn'et been here too long.

Patience young duck

I'm in the "top ten" posters--- I lurked for so long before my first post.

I get a lunch and two fifteen minute breaks, and I have a computer on my desk at work, so I check this place all the time...and our living room at home is set up like an office-- right now, i'm watching "Dark Angel" and we're both lounging in comfortable office style chairs....on a huge double-desk we built. I like the new Imac-- I could sit on my couch and post at the same time

We've got 4 computers now, ibooks, imacs--- we're going to get a few new ones after we settle from my accident. we'll have a full LAN gaming center in our entertainment room.....

God, I can't wait to get a house and start a family-- I never thought a crazy kid like me would be saying something like that!!

I digress.

Yours, at maximum verbosity,


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