How u make ur own Branch?


I was wondering if it would be possable to make a branch of moped army in Westminster Maryland. Total there is 5 including me of us here that alwyas moped around. Theres me with the Trac Olmpic, my friend matt with a Honda Hobbit ( That he found at the landfill and WORKED!!) my bud carl with a Jawa 210 sport, Steve ( columbiamped, inventor of the " Rice Exghaust") with the Puch maxi i sold him, and Zac with a Trac Clipper. Just wondering what would be invloved in making a branch and such, I would kill for one of thoes cool headligh stickers!! :)


Trac Mahn

Re: How u make ur own Branch?

You have to go to the "start a new branch" section under the "members" tab, and fill out a submission form. You guys actually just missed the cutoff for this round. I think we do it like twice a year, so go ahead and fill out the form, and hopefully we can catch you next time. I will tell you this...It is not easy to become a branch. Good luck!


the bombardment society

Swarm and Destroy!

Re: How u make ur own Branch?

brian away /

Yeah Cincinnati had to wait a while, and I thought they were hazing us or something by making us wait so long. But they review branch submissions at one time.


Re: How u make ur own Branch?

InfectedBootSector /

Holy Shite dude... I wish you were about an hour closer to me here in Frostburg, Md! I've been trying to get a branch going here for years, but NOONE has a ped but me.

I'm planning on making a trip to BBQ 6 if ya guys want to tag along.. maybe even have a small one here in Frostburg if I can find some more people... let me know...

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