Critical Mass

Its a pretty cool set up, people just get together and have an "unorganized" bike ride, just hitting the streets. No leader, no city permits, nothing official. Just throw up some fliers in advance and ride. You're not breaking any law, because it's not an official parade, just a group of people who "happen" to be riding together.

Like when a bunch of us mopeders roll down the street together.

But a critical mass in Cincinnati would be neat.

Re: Critical Mass

We have that in Buffalo the last friday of every month during the summer. The cops usually get pissed especially when you stop traffic or try to control an intersection. I only go to show some of my stingrays


Re: Critical Mass

I made this one with misc. parts. It has a real eight ball shifter (with matching valve stem caps of course)


Re: Critical Mass

sweet shifter

Re: Critical Mass



Re: Critical Mass

This is the bell jing jing


Re: Critical Mass

opps, this is it actually


Re: I had that bike!


That frame appears to be from a bike sold by Sears back around 1968 called The Rail. Mine was purple with a matching metalflake seat.

The shifter was a lever attached to a bracket welded to the big tube below where your shifter is now.

I remember it because those thin tubes below the steering head cracked off on mine from frame flex. Keep an eye on that area. It broke on me when I was a kid that didn't weigh 80 pounds!


Re: I had that bike!

yes, good call! The frame is from Huffy (who made the Rail). This bike was actually called the Huffy Slingshot..It had a 20" fat slik in the back and a little 16" tire in the front...just like a drag car. The original shifting console had dual levers: one to move the rear derailer and one to set a parking brake (the bike had dual calipers brakes in the back)


Re: I had that bike!

your bike probably looked a lot like this one


Re: I had that bike!

Regina Powell /

I'd be careful on your critical mass. We have them in Mpls all the time, and they're awesome, but the cops get mighty thuggish, and from what I hear Cinci cops can out-thug Mpls any day.

Re: I had that bike!


I can't believe how you can mention something obscure on the internet and then someone pops up with a picture of it!

Your picture looks alot like mine, except mine didn't have the console nor the sissy bar.

Thanks for the memories!


Re: Thuggy cops

Out here last year there was one of those rides in downtownn L.A.. A local newspaper reporter was out riding and got caught up in the group.

They rode into an underpass that the cops had the other side sealed off. 200+ cycliss were arrested and the bikes impounded. The bikes were tossed into the back of a truck til they were overflowing and everyone was taken downtown to the jail.

He wasn't part of the original group but spent the weekend in jail as they would not listen to anyone. As he said it, once the cops had you, they owned you til a judge heard your case.

Most everyone was released by monday afternoon, but he said it was an experience he would never forget!

Re: I had that bike!

brian away /

true, thanks

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