hey wayne.

Wayne look at the original post for the off topic... I was half way on track.. I mentioned using a elctor magnetic alternator gizmo.. I knew electro magnatism was in the future.. lol

thats some cool stuff.. I didn't check out any links to it yet.. but I just don't see how the energy theroy as most peope understand it could be all true.. sure you can't just make more energy from nothing.. but how in the hell do we know if we are using all the supplies of energy.. or sources of energy.. sure there are obvious ones... but thats just it... glad someone is trying to find un obvious sources of energy and ways to use them. we need to focus on harnessing energy thats there not creating more... Maybe thats what I was trying to say the whole time.

like the turning wheel.. there is energy there... if we could just capture it and add it back to itself it would greatly reduce the enrgy needed.. almost to the point it is self suffecient.

Sure you will use some.. but a machine can gather energy from else where not just from itself.

Re: hey wayne.

Duck-- you da bomb--!

S & D !

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