You might say that, yeah.

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Considerin that the impact drove bone fragments into the frame, yeah...I bet you could say I've been "inside-and-out" of a Tomos.

>>90-93 bullitt top tank style tomos<<

Nice wheels, the Bullet is one of the best mopeds ever, and lucky fer you - easy to fix.

Other than how much of a pain in the arse it is to get the carb out, that is.

>>but didnt put on an air filter yet, I let my friend ride it and they were riding in the woods, and he fell and must have sucked in dirt etc. because it wouldnt run, I got home and took it apart and cleaned the carb and got it running again<<

Yeah, you mean no air FILTER, or no Air BOX ?

Just gotta make sure here.

It's a three-piece setup, a metal grate lookin thing, that's actually the air filter, it's round and goes in the back of the carb...a rubber boot kinda thing that holds it on, and connects to the plastic "airbox" buried behind the carb in the frame.

Cause you need the filter, and the boot to hold it on, but you do not really need that airbox, tho I would check jetting to make sure you are not too lean on your mix, gettin that much air in there.

>>The moped takes very long to start up and it doesnt idle at all, when you approach a stop sign it will die before you fully stop<<

Are you running CDI or Points type ignition ?

Cleaning the points and replacing the plug would be first starts on this, as well as doing a "plug chop" to make sure the mixture is at least close to correct.

Also a quick compression test is in order.

>>So today I took the head off and I noticed that there (very hard to explain) but it looked like shit baked onto it, and on the piston, it looked the same and i remember from my moped (batavus) that the piston is like evenly covered with carbon but on my friends tomos it was very uneven there was a part with no carbon at all, and when i took a paper towel and wiped around the clinder's wall, it hard dirt and crap on it, after I put it back together and cleaned the carb it ran a little better but it still didnt really idle for very long.<<

That might indicate a previous seizure of the moped, and thus possibly be a compression-loss issue.


Clean the Points/Check CDI.

Replace Spark plug.

Hone the lower cylinder and replace piston rings.

(It can be honed, it's cast, and a brake hone might do the job if it'll go down that far.)

Check Piston for damage, and clean it up a bit.

Since you're going to be "down in there" anyway, pull the carb and clean it too, and show the owner how it's done.

Write down the jet size and lemme know what that is too.

Do alla that, and a coule of "plug chops" to see how lean/rich the mixture is and lemme know.

IF you still have compression problems, there is a workaround, Tomos cylinder and rings are normally 38mm, but they do make a 38.50mm piston and rings kit in case one has to bore it up 0.50mm after a slight seizure, but we'll get to that if nothin else works.

Just get as much detail as possible with each step, and get back with me, even if it does solve the problem, knowing how helps the rest of the forum with similar problems.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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