I got a new.....umm snail

Hey guys before you all unload on me I do have a real ped also that is in the basement ('78 motobecane) and going to be my summer project. I got a yamaha vino 'bout a month ago for my daily driver though (this is my primary trans. I don't own a cage). I had a hard time deciding between a new Tomos and the snail but a few features on the snail won me. I have also made a few add-ons since I got it. and since I have been seeing posts about air horns and radios and such just thought I'd share my mods too.

Travel trunk from JC Witney

This is great, it comes off of the base by unlocking and pushing a button. and the permanent mount without the trunk is better than the luggage rack. http://www.jcwhitney.com/productnoitem.jhtml?CATID=123208&BQ=mot

Radio-portable mp3 player and amplified speakers velcroed to the trunk. I'm sure not as loud as a car stereo but loud enough

scorpio cyl-300 alarm with pager- lucky the snail has a battery, this will page me if any a**hole messes with my snail as well as a wailing alarm

Kryptonite NY chain and lock-TOUGH chain and lock

also installed is my Ham radio antenna and mount for my handheld radio and mic.

I am currently trying to figure out how to mount a drink holder without drilling holes. I also remember someone posting a picture of a snail with a homemade trailer on it. Does any one remember who that was, and I wonder if a trailer would be legal in most states. IN state law concerning scooters and peds doesn't sayanything about it.

just curious


Re: I got a new.....umm snail

oops forgot the permanent contents of the trunk are, oil, tubeless tire plug kit, co2 tire inflator and 4 spare co2s. and sparkplug wrench just in case.

just curious how much parts tools do you guys carry with you regularly?


Re: I got a new.....umm snail

Well congrats on your fine Purchase Andy, from a fellow snail owner, Mine is a Hyosung and it came with a tool kit,, I wanted the Vino , but the local Yamaha dealer was such an ass that I had to buy elsewhere, (he didnt want to be bothered with any snails) I want to put a radio on mine, but I wont be makin any tire repairs on it!!.. just plan on leavin that moped in the basement like I did,,cause you will ,lol


Re: how fast

what is your top speed? unmodified.

Re: how fast


The Yamaha dealer took out the plug in the exhaust before I got there, but did not take out the variator restrictor.

My top speed is right at 30 right now with excellent acceration and great hill climbing. The variator restrictor is what limits your top speed and I have not taken it out yet. It is supposed to be very easy to do. I even have directions, but just have not done it. It seemes to have plenty of power, though I have been going pretty easy on it since it is still in "break in" period. I think I will prob. wait untill after the break in to mod any more (just to tempting to go fast)

Ill let you know when I do though


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