"Dragstrip" numbers.... 0 to 25



Since I have my 78 PA50I running OK now... I took a minute and made several 'acceleration runs' against the clock.

Since some peoples peds won't do 30... I used 0 to 25mph.

Best ?..... 23 seconds

Worst ?... 33 seconds

The majority ??...... 25 to 27 seconds.

So 26 seconds is about average for mine.

Even light winds and even slight hills make a big difference.

So I tried for runs perpendicular to the wind... and the flattest ground I could find.

What does YOURS do ?????

Just start at zero... use a wristwatch....

Start from a dead stop.

Wait till the second hand reaches 12.... go to full throttle.

No pushing with feet .. !!

Watch the speedo.

When the speedo needle passses 25mph... be ready and glance at the watch.

Re: "Dragstrip" numbers.... 0 to 25

Dern,Fred!...(Party Pooper)... NO pushin' with my feet? BUMMER!! I weigh too much to do any good here on this. LOL!!

Re: "Dragstrip" numbers.... 0 to 25

Yeah... but remember.. the point here is not to 'win'... its to get useful comparisons... (even for your own mods)

But it is VERY tempting to push off.

But that ruins any chance for useful comparisons... because If I REALLY want a fast take off I run alongside 3 or 4 quick steps pushing hard.. and then hop on... and that would lower those times a LOT!...

So be patient.. and accept that everybody else is doing the same. .. (they better.. or I will contract with the MA to send an assassination squad !! )

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Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

HaHaHaHaaa! I bet people would get a kick out of `ol geezers like us runnin' alongside and jumping on.LOL!! See, I have a habit of sittin' at the light with my foot wound up on the pedal ready to push down and the other foot pushing off at the same time. Ha! Okay, I MIGHT be able to get a number to turn in for comparison.

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

still havne't hit 25 on mine yet.. still trying to get that first mile an hour.. damn puegeot is driving me nuts.. actualy it would have been fine if family members, freinds and foes didn't touch my stuff and loose half the bolts

a few carberator peices a throtle cable and the rear tail light.

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

0-25mph in 10 seconds

1977 Batavus VA

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

0 to 25 in 13.142 seconds........0 to 30 in 16.5

1977 sears free spirit..SCORE 1 FOR THE GOLDEN OLD MOPEDS!!!!


Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

0-25 in a blistering 8 seconds.

0-30 in a semi-blistering 12.5 seconds..

stock 1980 Vespa Grande.


Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

C O O O L !!!

Haha... I knew my PA50I was slow... but I didn't think it was that slow !... lol

Wow.... those are some pretty fast numbers (to me).

Made some mods here in the last week though... I'm comin after you guys.. ; )

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

what have you done to the ol' pa50 in the last week?!??!

ill get some numbers from my pa50 with the proma someday. you'll be at the bbq, right?


Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

Casey, you know you were on a hill! Your grande tops at 28mph on flat. I remember when we were neck and neck when we both had stock grandes? We were riding up 3rd street in Covington. :)

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

Casey, you know you were on a hill! Your grande tops at 28mph on flat. I remember when we were neck and neck when we both had stock grandes? We were riding up 3rd street in Covington. I am just messing with you. I bet your honda does zero to 25 in 6 seconds. That mother smokes! :)

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

Downhill cheater ! ... ; )

Shaved me head I did... Haven't put it on yet though.

I've come to the conclusion that the biggest fault with the PA50I is the teeny tiny little reed valve... things I've done that should have made more diff... haven't.

Wasn't planning on the BBQ as of now...

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

Fred, don't be a wussy! Come to our BBQ!

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

I got my stock Tomos from 0-25 in 8.38 seconds

no mods at all and still has the stock exhaust

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25


Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

I was thinking it only went around 28, too.

Anyway, both my 1978 Puchs go 0-25 in 11 seconds. I can't go faster than 28 on flatground either, though. ; )

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

hrmm.. well, it would appear you were both wrong. with the new belt, it rocks 33 even.

on flat. =]

stragely though, its still faster than chris's with the exhaust and carb business... didnt you post something a couple days ago about your doing 36? what building did you throw it out of to acheive that? hehe...


Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25


that's why i need a better exaust, fewer and fewer people are going 28 mph

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

Hey how about the speedo's on your peds you think possibly they might be a little off.Just a thought.


Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

p.s. if just a belt can make you gain 5 mph, Chris needs that belt. haha.

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

haha, yeah.. thats what i have been telling his ass. he'll probably order the belt the same day he "puts his puch back together"... =]

these pain pills make me all fidgity. (sp?!)

&quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

I said from the beginning we will just have to allow for the fact that the speedo's are not all that accurate.

More important tnan that though... is honesty... no pushing off with your feet... and doing it without the wind at your back... and on flat ground... those are all HUGE factors.

A "cheater" could easily drop 5 or 6 seconds.

Now an update... from changes I made in the last week... I am now down at 19 seconds for 0-25 ... big improvement.

And I still have to clean the carb.

And its cold as hell... my bike hates the cold.

And for anybody who lists from now on... list your body weight also... that way we know if that has an effect... (a 100# guy has a big advantage over a 200# guy)

Mine is 180 or 185 lbs.

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

If that truck wouldn't have pulled out in front of me you would have been toast! I just lost some bottom end with the pipe...that's all. I will show you what's up baby. Bring it. I am going to call vespa super shop and order the new belt on Monday.

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

0-25 in 9 seconds first run second run 10 seconds on a mostly stock suzuki fz 50 (lowered needle only mod)

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

KelvinKDX /

Typically timing runs are done in two runs and the two runs averaged. This way tail winds and slight hills can be evened out.

So make your first run (mark your time) and then turn around and make your second run in the opposite direction from the first. Add these times together and divide by two to get your average.

I think this might help with the people who don't realize that they are going down a steep hill with 35mph tail winds. ha ha.

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

I noticed you didn't include any of your own 'honestly achieved' ped times there Mr KDX sir...

(and no... not with your KDX!)

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

What is a Suzuki FZ-50 ... there Jon-Minn ??

(What country are you from ?)

That doesn't sound like something available in the US ?

Single speed ?... Variator ?

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

KelvinKDX /

Fred - I will post some 0-25 times for the '77 Peugeot 103SP as soon as i get a chance to actually make some runs and time them. I am going out in the morning with the KDX - so i may give you some times for it too.

Re: &quot;Dragstrip&quot; numbers.... 0 to 25

KelvinKDX /

Times for my '77 Peugeot 103SP:

First run 0-25 in 4 seconds!! (ok, my speedomoter is in kph)

First run 0-40kph (~25mph): 9 seconds

Second run 0-40kph: 8 seconds

No pushing off or the like.

My 190# biggie size body on the ped.

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