Crankcase oil level

Just picked up an old moped from a swap meet...drained out the crankcase oil and it looked like chocolate milk gone bad. There also was hardly any in there. When I re-fill it should the oil level be even with the filling cap when the bike is standing upright? That was my understanding, but the manual was a little vague.

Re: Crankcase oil level

You should flush it out some with kerosene and oil mixed first,Aaron. That milky look is water absorbed into the oil usually,and is big trouble. Do a 5 minute flush if you can. If the fill plug is down on the side of the case,it's probably a level-indicator too.But if you'd just post the Make and model of moped,we'd give you an exact answer.

Re: Crankcase oil level

The moped is a 1979 Benelli G2. The fill plug is on the side of the case just an inch or so up from the bottom.

Re: Crankcase oil level

Ron Brown /


Don will not be back for a few days, but it sounds to me like the plug is fill and level.

Good luck, and change the oil every few hours of riding until it comes out clean.


Re: Crankcase oil level

Hey Don-O, On this subject, got 2 question, and don`t want to buy 2 manuels, #1- Type of Trannie fluid in a Trac Daelim engine? didn`t smell or look like ATF #2 83 Trac its not the Daelim engine, its all alluminun,cyl and head, guess it takes the same fluid, found the drain plug but for the life of me I haven`t found the oil fill (HA!) and had both plastic covers off, its a (TRAC-Eagle) any ideas? Thanks for any help... Doug D.

I don't know,Doug.

But you probably would be alright with 20W non-detergent until you find out. I'll check on the Eagle and report if I find something,Doug.

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