Moped Ecstasy! 7 days off!! Yippee!

I know, I know! SORRY ! But I'm sitting here at work and countin' the minutes `til mopeding ECSTASY! I got some `pedding planned when the weather clears and I should have enough time to mount another 2-speed engine on my other Sebring.(maybe even Wayne's air-horn set-up!) ANYWAY,here's hoping for everyone to have a good time `pedding around since Spring has arrived. `Ped til yer red! (:^)

Re: Moped Ecstasy! 7 days off!! Yippee!

Just how many days off do get Don ? Seems like I just heard about days off from you. bruce

Re: Moped Ecstasy! 7 days off!! Yippee!

Yeah,Bruce,ain't it great? I work only 14 days(12 hr. each) a month. I just put in 48 hrs. on 4 consecutive day shifts(which I hate gettin' up at 5;30 AM every mornin') and now I'm off `til Thurs nightshift. I LOVE THIS SHIFT !! It's a Mopeder's dream,right! And you're right! 8 days ago I was sayin' I get 4 days off! The worst week I have is a six day stretch with only a 24 hr. break period from Sun.night to Mon.night which starts another week.This one makes the 7 days off possible. YIPPEEE! (:^)

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