KelvinKDX !.... Get it fixed?

Hey,Kelvin! Did you get your `ped going yet for your wife to ride from Columbus? I can recite to you the route I took if she's not traveling down SR 104 like you are. It's a good route, but I'm not sayin' it's perfect. E-mail me at if you need help. I will be away from computer for several days probably, but I'll e-mail my phone no. to you if you want any help. I will return on the PC for sure on the night of the 9th. Let me know what you're planning and let's hope for good weather! Don

Re: KelvinKDX !.... Get it fixed?

KelvinKDX /


I will drop you an e-mail. The ped is 95% together. I will finish it up tomorrow and do some test runs to check the fuel millage. More than likely she will take SR 104 all of the way from Columbus to Portsmouth (~105 miles) but i would sure like to have the route that you took just in case.

I hope for good weather (tail winds both directions).

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