Transport advice wanted

How is the best way to transport a moped without a pickup truck or van? Would a bicycle rack work?

Re: Transport advice wanted

I am adapting a heavy-duty bicycle rack with the tilt feature for the rear of my Aerostar van (reese hitch). I need the tilt away feature so I can open the rear hatch readily. They will haul four bicycles so they should easily transport a `ped and a common bicycle also. There are expensive racks out there that hold the bike upright, and will tilt crossways for rolling the ped up on them. But I gotta have the tilt feature.

Re: Transport advice wanted

take a look at this. kind of spendy, but looks somewhat decent.

Re: Transport advice wanted

If you have a hitch on your vehicle you can rent a small trailer from UHaul. I used to rent a 4x6 for $10 per day for local use.

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