Thanks Fred!

Terry Smith /

Thanks, Fred for the advice on timing my Tomos A3 engine. I use a variation of your method. Instead of the coat hanger, I made a mark on the engine housing at TDC and a mark on the flywheel at TDC. I then measured and made the F mark at 3/4 inch as you suggested. Then, I used an ohm meter to set the points to open at the F mark. I did this so I would not have to start the engine every time to check it with the timing light. After I set it with the meter, I did start it and the timing light showed the timing to be correct. You're a genius!

Your help is greatly appreciated as it is much more fun to ride the bike now with it running correctly. If you ever come to Texas, I 'll buy you a cold one.


Terry Smith

Re: Thanks Fred!

You can't beat our Guru Fred, Terry. He's an engine genius all right!. (:^)

Re: Thanks Fred!

Hardly a genius... but I have been playing with engines for years.

Check this out.... I found out yesterday that one of the guys I have worked with a few times on motorcycle club events has a masters degree in Physics.

Glad it worked for you Terry.

So it ran pretty good ?

And... did you measure the diameter of your flywheel ?

(that 3/4" number was for the 4.5" flywheel on the Tomos I have here right now)

Re: Thanks Fred!

Terry Smith /

It runs much, much better. The flywheel measured 4.5 in, so I went with it. I just got back from riding and it was great. Thanks again!

I've got two friends that just got new scooters. If I find enough people, maybe I'll get a group together here.


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