My Tomos and Exhaust question?

I got my new Tomos 3 weeks ago. It's a TARGA LX and the top speed was 30 mph!!! I put the "speed sprocket" and now is 35 mph! It's little bit slow to start, but is ok...

The dealer where i buy the Targa, offer me 2 different exhaust system !

1-) it's a chrome muffler (same muffler of a PUCH moped but for TOMOS motor). The difference with a original exhaust tomos, it's the tube is little bigger.I can play with the baffle. So the moped can go faster with not lot of noise !???

It is a good exhaust and help me to go at 40 mph ?

2-) Other one is the BITURBO, go faster and make lot of noise !!!!

Me, i want a top speed of 40MPH ! But i dont want make to much noise!!!



Get the BiTurbo.

Reeperette /

Get the BT far that's been the best bet.

You could probably double up the internal packing, at some small performance cost, if you wanna quiet it down a bit.

Just a thought.


Re: My Tomos and Exhaust question?

Sprint Man /

The Biturbo exhaust doesn't make alot of noise at all, it will make a deeper sound in all, but not alot of noise where people will complain, or the type of noise people can hear you a 1/4 mile away. It's a popular exhaust, you barely ever have problems with it, and you'll get your money's worth. It also makes your moped look more aggressive. Go for the Biturbo.

Re: My Tomos and Exhaust question?

buy it at for only $70 too

Re: My Tomos and Exhaust question?

Sprint Man /

The biturbo also gets it at 45 or over.

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