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Why are there no 4 cyl SUV's?

Or, are there?

You don't need a HUGE engine to produce a lot of power---

gearing and efficiency is what matters, right?

I wouldn't mind owning a "Living room on wheels" if it had a 4cyl engine and was good on gas. What am I...? Mario Andretti in a ford Bronco? jeez.

Did anyone see the cadillac ad for the "most powerful SUV class vehicle

EVER....." man, I had to laugh

Anyone remember ROBOCOP (the original) they had a vehicle called the SUX 6000--- it was a luxury car, that was horrible on fuel . My impression was that (in this robocop skit) you drove one to show people that you could afford to waste money---by blatent fuel consumption.

I know a lot of people at my work drive 'empty' SUV's to work. I hope their spouses aren't doing the same "Honey, could you take the Suburban to work today...? I want to drive the Cadillac Escalade....it's the worlds most powerful SUV!!....."

Don-Ohio made a great point about "vehicle capacity" vs. "fuel consumption" if you have 8 people to move, riding 8 mopeds would not be a "green enviro-friendly" choice. Riding in an SUV would make more sense, in many ways.

Oh, a final rant, brief, though. There's nothing "off topic" here. This is to you, Duck. Unless you're a moron causing trouble, you can start a thread about anything. The consistant popularity of Non-Moped threads (getting 20-30 posts) means that we're not just about Mopeds---

Man, some of the political and religious threads would get 25 posts in a day--- then, for 2 weeks straight, nothing but moped posts. Man cannot live by "Moped" alone-- although it should always be the focus of this forum (in the time I've been visiting the forum, it has ALWAYS been about mopeds--with a few interesting arguments popping up from time to time etc.

I can't remember if Simon posted his 'official' position on this, but I think he'd encourage any intelligent discussion about anything.

Makes me wonder where Miguel's been. On a trip, maybe?

I think the moronic posts are the only thing 'off topic' . Goobers who come here just to start trouble. Haysodumb, and his clan.


This single post is part of a larger thread. Start from the top or view this post in context.
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