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i just don't agree.... an alternator uses no fucking energy... but it makes tons.. a windmill uses wind.. not its own energy.. but it makes tons. the alternator wouldn't have to produce enrergy to run it.... the simple starting battery would do that.

the battery wouldn't produce but 12 volts. the alternator would produce 14... but it doesn't take 14 volts to operate it.

all it takes is something to turn it at a semi steady speed.

and know it isn't going to run and produce extra power.. but there has to be a way to produce enough to sustain it.

your not producing enrgy here your just converting it..

say like you put two more magnetos on your moped run from the wheel hubs.. your first engine and magneeto would turn enough to keep your moped runing.. the other two would be turning still producing extra potential power right?

that would /could run other stuff ..

if you used pedal power to start it off and to get the magneetos/engine producing power... you just converted pedal power to electric/combustion power... right.. and that power is turning the wheels.. if the wheels then both have a gizmo to just sit there and turn and produce power.. wouldnt that be sustaining it? Or producing more power? It is taking momentum fromt he wheels and turning it into electricity which can be stored via a battery and used for other things.

sure the extra magneeto or alternator will add weight and a little friction..... but the turning force already being created by the normal engine/magento is more power.

i don't know.. i understand that it suppoesed to be incorect to think yuou can gain power.. i don't htink your ganing any.. i think your just salvaging more power from sources we don't normaly think of as such.

i just don't understna i guess... I don't know.

it just makes since.. say like on a diesel truck that has 2 batteries and a huge alternator.

I can look at that engine and see that it is just a big old motor only used to turn the alternator.

Sure that isn't effiecient.. but it would produce over 12 volts to keep a batter that doesn't sue more then 12 volts charged.

like you listen to the radio in the diesel vehicle witht he motor running.. you'll never run out of battery power..

why becuase the alternator is constantly supplying more power then what is being used to the battery.

the radio is using battery power right.. but the alternator is keeping batter power always constant.. by producing more then the 12 volts. Sure your using a motor and gas to keep that alternator turning......

but isn't that alot like using in my plan the one batter to start the intial turing of the wheels... that would then start almost imediatly th recharge of the little batter power used to turn the wheel on start up?

How could this not be possible.

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