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the honda uses a motor to spin an alternator which charges the batter and provides extra power in heavy acceleration ron.

that cool but im thinking what if you want to eliminate the engine...

i htink say you have two batteries right.. and say it takea litle form one batter to start the vhicle into motion from a start and it takes the other bit of that first battery to run the accesories... now a regular alternator produces about 14 volts to keep the battery charged to run thing.. if you had some 24 volt battiers and say 2 alternators.. instead of just one..

you might use one for the batter that is mostly used to keep it xcharged then you have an extra battery incase the first gets low and you also have a whole nouther charging system to insure that the second battery is never low and always there for back up..... with 2 alternator... while one gets low they both will charge it up and then finish charging the secondary battery... it would seem like this would be a real solution. I know there is alot of other things that produce heat and fricition which is energy loss.. I understand that..

but it also sseems like if you produce more engery then you use you shouldn't ever be short.

It's just like say.. i dunno.. a windmill makkes a whole hell of alot of enegery right.. well sure it loses some but it makes so much more then is used.

also the common alternator.. it makes 14 volts if it is working correctly and is charging a 12 volt system.. so as long as your alternator is working right and producing more energy then whats being used.. then youll never have any problems.

im syure like everyone says a purpetual motion car is impossible... well i don;t think what im talking about is purpetual motion...

your just producing more power then being used.. and that compensates for the power you need and the lost power...

it wont last forever.. eventualy the batteries will die.. or need water.... and every time you stop will use twice as much battery power then to keep you in motion... and the alternators should do this. I would think the battery power plus alternator power should be enough to luanch a car... then once the car is cruising the power strain is relived the alternators can charge in order to get ready fo rhte next stop and go.

I dunno.. i guess if it was doable someone would have done it.

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