tomos, wide open

im new here but i think some of you might be able to help me,I hope LOL. I rebuilt my moped rings piston ,cyliender,head, well you no. but I got it all bake together , started it it ran suprize!!! but whin it wormed up it took off wide open and it wont Idle down or nothing throdle is not hung so now what? I whint threw the carb and cleaned it really good so can any old pro's out there help me thanks Donnie.

Re: tomos, wide open

I had my throttle stick this way last night, and I took the throttle cable cover off the carb, and squirted in wd-40, and all was well. Give that a try, and make sure the spring is in there.

Re: tomos, wide open

Ron Brown /


From what I have heard about removing Tomos carbs, you have my simpathy.

The only way you can make an engine run fast is to give it fuel (gas and air mix). Chances are good that your throttle is stuck open just a little bit.

Turn the idle screw out and see if anything changes. If not, you are going to have to pull the carb again and look at it to figure out why it is not closing all the way.

Someone else who is a Tomos expert may have a better idea.


Re: tomos, wide open

If you put the cable down thru the return spring like a Jap bike... that is wrong... it goes outside the spring.

Those carbs are a little hard to get them back together right... it might take several tries to get it.

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