Honda PA-50 belt width ... what is it ?

Belt drive variators are dependant on the width of the belt for proper functioning.

I tried to find this out twice so far... and can't find what the correct width is supposed to be.

It would be in a service manual... but I don't have one.

So can anybody with a PA-50 measure their belt width for me and let me know how wide their belt is ?? (and how many miles the Odo shows ?)

or if you have a service manual... it would be great if you could look it up for me... (78 PA-50I)... PA50II is probably the same ??

(just lay a tape measure or ruler or scale across it and lean over and try to read an accurate measurement)

Many snowmobiles have a 'width diagram' sticker under their hood... so you juat take the belt and lay it on the diagram and see if it is 'under width'... then you need a new belt.

A belt worn too narrow takes speed off the top end.

Re: Honda PA-50 belt width ... what is it ?

yo fred.. i have a pa50II (and a manual!)... ill go find out for you. hold tight.. just have to see if i have a ruler... )

do you need a copy of the manual?


Re: Honda PA-50 belt width

I don't need the manual (or copies).. as long as you tell me what it says is the minimum belt width... (width of a new one would be nice too)

(do you have a service manual or owners manual ??)

And if you could measure YOUR belt width it would be nice too.

Re: Honda PA-50 belt width

hey fred.. i have the service manual... like 150 pages.. but i cant find the spec for the belt width anywhere.. ill look more when i get home from work.

also, walker has been borrowing my pa50, so i will have to go to his house to measure it. i remembered that as i went down to the basement this morning to measure for you... ill figure it out.


Re: Honda PA-50 belt width

OK... no biggie... get it when you can.

I am wondering if we can still get these belts... I hope so.

Re: Honda PA-50 belt width

cool... ill check as soon as i get to my honda... i do know my odometer only shows like 950 miles... and my speedo cable just broke a couple months ago... so whatever mine says should be fairly accurate...

have you tried ordering one from Honda? i have gotten lots of parts for mine from them... they special order them, but you can get almost any part.. for an '82, anyways.. which i imagine most parts would work for yours... i just get the part #'s from <a href=""></a> and call them with the #'s.


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