I know this is a wierd request, but can someone record the engine sound of a maxi acceleration?

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InfectedBootSector /

I may be able to.. what do you need it for?

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Just comparing it to mine. The noise hasn't gone away. I painfully ignore it. Also, do you think i should buy a parts engine off of ebay; It is really cheap.

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InfectedBootSector /

Try changing the tranny fluid.. add in about 3 tablespoons of Marvin's Mystery Oil... works wonders for a sloppy case...

Is the sound coming from the top end or the tranny?

Are you running a proper mix, plug, .. is your timing ok?

Check your chain tension.. you should have 3/4 in ( .75 inches) of slack on the drive chain... if it's too tight, it cuases problems..

IF you do need parts, try Ike on here first, or the moped warehouse... eBay contains some the same stuff they sell, but you have a great chance of getting a better product frm one of the guys here...

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the sound is coming directly from the cylinder. The tranny is fine, timing ok, no apparent malfunctions of anything.

Re: Engine noise analyzer

Mine is an old broomstick. Press the end on the cylinder with the engine running and put your ear to the other endto hear any internal noises.

Do it at the transmission also. amazing what you can here!


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Ron Brown /

I could not hear your recording well enough to know what was happening.

Try describing this noise to us again.

What does it sound like?

Is it worse or better when the engine warms up?

Is it loudest when accelerating, decelerating, or steady speed?

Is it worse at different RPM or speed?

Tell us anything else that may help.

Use the Quote option and answer all of these questions.


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