Look at this "Classic" (pic)

Look what i found in the Buy/Sell forum!! I can`t beleive no one jumped on this "jewell" This is a 1970 Honda PC50 "little Honda" These bikes are "rare" in any condition! This one is in great condition!! It has the original title, owners manual and tool kit! It runs perfect! It has that quiet, smoothe 4-stroke power!! Plus that unsurpassed Honda quality fit and finish!

Just the headlight on this bike is worth $100.00 !! I have the Grand Total of $25.00 in this bike!!

This bike is now the "Flagship" at "IkesBikes" !!!!


Re: Look at this "Classic" (pic)

Way to go,Ike! You DO find those deals,don't ya'? Congratulations on the bike! (:^)

Re: Look at this "Classic" (pic)

she a sweetheart ,you jump on it so fast, no one had a chance, nice price , nice ped. Dan

Re: Look at this "Classic" (pic)

Glad to see you are happy with it. I repainted the xr 75 and put the decals back on the tank. My son rides the heck out of it. He would not trade it . Thanks Kevin

Re: Look at this "Classic" (pic)


It was in the Buy/ sell forum a week befor i saw it!! And, i didn`t really pay $25.00 for it. I traded a bike for it that i had $25.00 in! But the bike i traded was worth more than $25.00!

Re: Look at this "Classic" (pic)

Hey KJ! Did Kevin tell you we had planned to meet at your place when he picked up his bike from you so i could trade some parts with him? His S-10 busted a driveshaft and he's havin' a time gettin' it fixed. Don't have any MO2 engines do you or old Sebring parts lyin' around?

Still ridin' the Targa,Ike?

How's the top-tank doin'?

Re: Still ridin' the Targa,Ike?


Ya! I love it more everytime i ride it!! I put a BI-Turbo pipe from that other Targa on to see what would happen? I t went from 34mph to 40mph! But it now 4-strokes a little on top end? Do you think i need to go down on the jet? It has a 53mm in it i think? I beleive it would do 45 if it didn`t 4 stroke? Other than that, this bike is absolutly perfect!!!!! It starts in one kick and idles perfect. It climbs hills better than any moped i have ever been on!! I went on a long ride (for me) the other day! 40 miles!!! It never missed a beat!!! I have people beggin me to sell that one!!

Maybe that PC 50 ain`t my "Flagship" after all!!

Don, glad you got back from your trip, and i hope everything went well?



Hey don I just picked up 2 concord step through both have moroti motors on them I also have a 5 star with the same motor. Are you comming with kevin on saturday? I also have some tomos bullett parts. email me and let me know kjrind01@hotmail.com

Re: Look at this "Classic" (pic)

Well Don, It does seem like the "Moped Gods" smile on me a lot for some reason???? LOL!!

Up jet it and open the airbox.

Great Ike! No,don't go down on the jet. #53 ain't really very big for a Bi-Turbo. I'd go up a coupla' numbers higher on the jet if it was mine and also open up the airbox( might prevent that 4-stroking) a little at a time to unrestrict it. Just keep doin' plug chops and you'll get `er runnin like a `scalded dog'.Keep takin' those nice trips,Ike!.................. Any more trouble from neighbor dogs? I had 2 big mongrels try to jump my `ped on a gravel road the other day.They were lying in wait for me as I came down the hill in `pitch-black' dark of night. Big mean country dogs! You know the kind(pit bull lookin' things)...I knew they were around `cause they'd come after me in daylight before. I hit the gas and I was aggravated so I let go several BB rounds helter skelter behind me. Heard one yelp, and they both cut off the chase immediately. No good Mongrels!


Okay,Kevin! Yeah I'll be there if Kevin is. I need EXACT driving directions to your place from Rt.35 or 75 North. Mine's don45640@yahoo.com

Re: Look at this "Classic" (pic)

Yes,Ike,you ARE the `Fortunate Son' of moped aquisition.LOL !! I still remember that steal on that Gyro you got.

Re: Still ridin' the Targa,Ike?

Ron Brown /


Don is right about the jet. Test it without the airbox first, then de-restrict it if you need to. After that, the plug will tell you what jet you need.


Re: Up jet it and open the airbox.

I don`t really want to trade any of the reliability or dependability of this bike for a couple of mph, but i would like to get rid of the 4-stroking!

The worst thing about this bike ,is having to drop the front of the engine down to remove the carb! That makes experimenting a real pain!!!

Re: Up jet it and open the airbox.

Yes,Ike, I agree! Here's what I'd do........but I wish Ree would jump in on this.......I'd go with a #58 jet, open the airbox,(either by removing the plugs that extend into it or drilling a 5/16" hole in it. See if you drill a small hole,it's easy to plug with something later.) Can you drill the hole where you can reach it to plug it later? It's probably gonna need at least a 56 jet. Go for it!

Re: Up jet it and open the airbox.

Matt Wilson /


I think that if the bike is four stroking you would want to decrease the amount of fuel, and decrease the jet size.

But usually you do put a larger jet in when you go to a performance exhaust. I don't know the answer just kind of making a point....


Re: Up jet it and open the airbox.

Ron Brown /


You are correct about 4 stroking being caused by a rich mixture, however, several things can cause this, only one of which is the main jet.

If the air filter/airbox is restrictive, then the faster you go, the more air the engine demands and the lower the pressure in the intake causing a rich mixture.

Sometimes, when you remove this restriction, the mixture will lean out at lower rpm and you have to go up a jet size or two.

Another common problem is, for want of a better name, "double dipping". At higher rpm, the intake airstream will reverse direction as the intake port closes, this causes the air, which has picked up gas while going forward, to pick up more gas from the carb as it travels backward and then still more as it goes forward again into the engine.

If you reduce the main jet size to cure this one, then you are in danger of severely leaning out the mixture at lower RPM, such as going up hill at full throttle. The result being an overheated engine recieving a minimum amount of lube.

This is why plug chops under different conditions are so important.


Just Yank it.

Reeperette /

>>I wish Ree would jump in on this<<


The Airbox behind the Toms carb can be removed, tho it takes doing, and the airfilter isn't IN the airbox, so you could just pull the plastic airbox and chuck it, then jet to whatever size gets a good mix there.

On the back of the carb is a rubber boot kinda thingie, and under that is the airfilter, tis a metal screen type like old Batavas mopeds used, and as long as you have both of those, what do ya really need the airbox for, eh ?

I know of at least one guy who's run his Tomos that way, and he doesn't seem to have any problems, tho I wish I woulda thought to ask what jet size he's using with that.


Re: Look at this &quot;Classic&quot; (pic)

Jon Dalton /

That's a rare 1969-70 model with the front shield and body coloured fenders and headlight case. I'm working on supercharging mine but for now i'm trying to get it to run without dying

Re: Look at this &quot;Classic&quot; (pic)

Hi Ike:

I have a 1969 PC50 and I've noticed that the brakes are awful. I've replace the pads already and they are still sub-par.

I've sanded down the drums and pads and cleaned everything with brake parts cleaner. I got a big improvement by adjusting the brake arm on the hub so that the brake cable attached at a right angle, but they are still sub-standard.

How are your brakes? Have you figured out any way of getting them to perform better?


Re: Look at this &quot;Classic&quot; (pic)


You are right!! The brakes are terrible! But, i haven`t had time to really check them out!


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