Do you [have to] wear a helmet?

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Where you live is it the law that you have to wear a helmet when riding your moped? I'd like to get a list of states in the US that I don' t have to wear a helmet in. -- here in Michigan it's not required, but is for motorcycles. In Ohio and Illinois (close neighbors), you can drive a motorycle without a helmet too.

Do you wear one anyway? Personally I think that helmet laws are too imposing on your personal choice at personal protection. I'm not hurting anyone but myself if i crash without a helmet - so why should the law dictate my action on protection myself?

I get people yelling out of their cars at me all the time -- "GET A HELMET!". They seem so concerned that I'm not "obeying the law" -- they don't even seem to know the law, and why would they care if I'm wearing a helmet or not? -- mindless citizens.

RE: Do you [have to] wear a helmet?

Over here in the Netherlands you have to wear a helmet for riding a moped. You don't have to wear one for the types limited to 20 Mph. If you get caught here by the cops without a helmet it'll cost you about $100 and in the meanwhile they'll test the power output of your moped. I always wear my helmet, not just for the cops. Hey, I even wear a leather motorjacket because it's safer and it looks really cool on my moped. Untill now I've been in a traffic accident twice (not my fault either times) and I am totally convinced that a helmet is worth it. If you're going to get a helmet I suggest you get a good one, not just the cheapest mopedhelmet on sale. There are great differences between mopedhelmets and motorcyclehelmets, the helmets for mopeds are designed only for speeds up to 30 Mph, the motorcyclehelmets for much higher speeds. And besides that a motorcyclehelmet is much more comfortable and has a much better airflow inside the helmet to prevent a fogged up windscreen and give you more fresh air.

The cheapest helmets around will cost about $80, the helmet I have now is a motorcyclehelmet and costs about $150. It's a HJC (American brand!) type ZF7, I can really recommend it.

HJC is Korean

I have an HJC and a KBC .... they're from Korea (at least mine is, look at the label inside)... although it may be an American importer that brought it to the Netherlands.... KBC's are also made in Korea and both seem to be pretty good quality and cheaper than most of the rest.... I won't buy the really cheap ones though.... although they're probably alright if you're only going 30mph.

RE: Do you [have to] wear a helmet?

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"I'm not hurting anyone but myself if i crash without a helmet - so why should the law dictate my action on protection myself?"

Bear in mind that the state pays for your recovery after you crash. That's why most countries demand helmets for people who ride mopeds. It's cheaper in the long term, as severe head injuries are expensive to "fix"..

RE: HJC is Korean

You're right, it's Korean. Those people at the bikestore don't know everything I guess. My moped goes about 50 Mph and I really do feel safer wearing a helmet.

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here in Texas, the Helmet Law is the same for both motorcycles and mopeds...everyone MUST wear a helmet, UNLESS they request an receive an excemption one must be at least 21 years old, AND either complete a motorcycle safety course OR prove that they have medical insurance of at least $10,000 payable in the case of an need to mail proof of this stuff to the state and they will issue an excemption sticker to be placed on your "moped" license plate

RE: Do you [have to] wear a helmet?

Here in California the helmet law passed when a weak governor trying to score points signed it into law in 1992. There is no doubt that wearing a helmet can save your head, but it should be the riders choice.

As far as the "public burden" excuse for passing this law, mile for mile you are safer on a motorcycle and more likely to receive head trauma in an automobile accident since they are driven more miles comparatively.

Also it has been found that the sturdier the helmet, the more it weighs. Part of Newton's first law is a body in motion tends to stay in motion. In the dynamics of a collision a helmet's weight can cause spinal injury as it continues at the speed it is traveling after your body has come to a stop. The only "brakes" it has is your neck.

And finally, don't forget that Christopher Reeves was wearing a helmet when he fell off that horse. He was paralyzed by compression to his neck.



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I do not know, mainly because I wear the helmet anyway.

Got a sharply pointed object lesson one day about both helmets and enclosed-chain drive mopeds.

Was making a U-turn in the median, which isn't exactly picture-perfect traffic behavior, but beats getting creamed by a truck...and the damn chain master link popped.

Normally that'd just mean the chain gets flung off, right ?

Not in an enclosed-chain drive it don't....the chain wrapped around the rear sprocket and jammed, and it was like taking off after trying a 50 foot rope from the back of your 'ped to a fence....and running out of rope - Pwiiiinnggg.

Over the handlebars my puny tail went, headfirst into a nice sized rock.

Sat up, shook my head and pulled off my Shoei full-face helmet, and lo and behold, a big nasty chip in IT, instead of my head.....I've worn a helmet ever since, but preference is 3/4 open face with goggles, face shields fog and distort too easy.

I also rip the box off any "enclosed-chain" 'ped the minute I get it.

I figure it's your choice, more so than a matter of law, but I choose to wear one, I also choose to wear motorcross armor under my jacket, but no one seems to keen on making that a matter of law, do they ?

Of course, I might be a little biased, since using the aforementioned equipment, is the reason I happen to still be here, even though I do agree that some of the heavier helmets are as much a danger as they are a help.

And fer crying out loud, why can they not simply drill a small hole over each earpiece and cover it with mesh or something so you can HEAR the truck about to back up over you when you're looking in the other direction, eh ?

Still, I figure it should be up to you.


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here in pa we aren't required to wear helmets either. i'm not sure how that's the case when we have about every other moped law in place (we need insurance {only $120 a year but still we don't need it cause who do you ever hit on a moped?}, registration and title, and a license plate). well there's no special license required just a driver's license.

every once in a while i wear a helmet though like when i'm travelling a distance at night. but for the most part it's just a hassle to me. even though i'm quite aware that it may not be the smartest decision in the world i still do it. and i've even broken the top 3 vertebrae in my neck before in a car accident and was somehow fine after 3 months in a neckbrace. ok now i feel like wearing a helmet.


RE: Do you [have to] wear a helmet?

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Here's a kick for you, out in K-Zoo.

Next time y'all catch the mayor, ask him why he hasn't sponsored a helmet law for cars, since more head injuries come from auto accidents than mopeds/motorcycles, and see what he says - preferably in public.

I love watching them squirm out of that one.


RE: Do you [have to] wear a helmet?

Connecticut has no helmet laws for people over the age of 16. You are not required to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle, unless you are under the age of 16. So..thats how it works in connecticut


RE: Do you [have to] wear a helmet?

They let you ride a motorcycle under the age of 16 in Connecticut? Cool!

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