panniers (saddle bags)

anyone know where I can get nice ones for a ped? All I can find are those horrid studded leather jobs with fringe on them shudder

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Check out L.L. Bean-- Bicycle panniers adjust to a moped pretty well.

I converted an old laptop case into a sweet pannier-- -put plastic inside to reinforce it, I'll post a photo later....

The stereo is going to be installed today!! very happy---!

Re: panniers (saddle bags)

Don't Happy! Hey that would be a good song for Brak to sing,Wayne. Glad you're getting your stereo `ped up to par.

Re: panniers (saddle bags)

Re: panniers (saddle bags)

Spike Bachman /

Fitting bicycle panniers is a good suggestion. You could also try the following as suppliers for panniers:

1. Cannondale

2. Jandd Mountaineering

3. Blackburn

A search on google for the above should give you good results. I have a set of fiberglass motorcycle panniers for my ped which I got from the salvation army. They look too big, but can hold anything I care to carry such as groceries.

Good Luck, Spike

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InfectedBootSector /

No way man.... go to do a search for "bread bag"... they are 4 bucks!

If you want to see how they look, I have a set on my ped, with Puch patches added... looks sweet...

Re: panniers (saddle bags)

I have a set from the sportsmans guide. Paid 6 bucks for the pair, cant go wrong with that! Great quality also.

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