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Well I got the moped on the rode legally and got to take the first official ride (I could only take one quick jaunt before I registered the bike, since many cops in our village..I got pulled over TWICE going around the block). The bike runs great.

It had sat for about 14 years. I cleaned the carb, cleaned the rust from the tank, and changed the petcock & valve which was very clogged. Everything seemed to be working fine, except half way through my ride the speedometer stopped working. The light for it still worked, and all the other lights still wotked, but the speedo needle no longer moved. I haven't had a chance to look at it yet, but I was wondering if anyone could recommend what I should check. I looked in the archives and didn't find anything specific to my problem. Thanks

I have a 1986 Puch Maxi Sport LS 2 Speed 1.5 HP

ps. I never did anything with the mysterious black box thingy with the wire coming out of it..I looked at wiring diagrams from this site and didn't see it on them?? The brown wire right now just hangs there, it doesn't have a wire connector on it and didn't when I got the bike.

Re: Speedo problem

I'm thinking that I might just need to spray some WD 40 on the ends of the cable...i hope the internals of the cable didn't snap...like I said I didn't look at it yet...

Re: Speedo problem

If the needle just stopped moving suddenly, it was most likely a broken speedo cable or the drive coming loose at the front wheel. Unhook the cable from the speedometer (just threads off like a nut) and then spin the wheel. If when you pinch the cable with your fingers, it will still spin, then you need a new speedo. If you pinch the cable and it stops it really easily, pull the cable off the other end (at the wheel). spin it at one end and hold it at the other end to see if it's broken. If it's not broken, pull the wheel off and remove the drive and check to see that that's functioning properly.

Re: Speedo problem


Re: Speedo problem

yup the internal cable broke right where it changes to key stock up by the speedo head.

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