motobecane wiring

I been digging around for a wiring diagram for a 77 motobecane with no luck. Can anyone help me out w/ this. Im having a little prob getting my lights to work. Thanks!!

Re: motobecane wiring

i have it ,but no scanner . if you want it i can use camera. Dan

Re: motobecane wiring

Ron Brown /


I have one, but no scanner.

Your system should be 6 volt.

I just perused the wiring diagram and became thoroughly confused. Somehow, the Brown and Black lamp power wires from the magneto, are connected to each other by way of the lights on/off switch and the brake lamp switches.

If anyone can provide a chart of the internal switch connections in the lamp switch and the brake lamp switches, I would be happy to try to figure it out.

By this, I mean which color connects to which color in each switch position.

I do know from my '79s, that the wiring is confusing. When lamps are turned off, the magneto output is shorted to ground. For example, operation of the brake lamp is by removing the ground at the left or right brake lamp switch.


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