Re: Metrics

I live with it and still can't get use to it. I end up converting metric back to something I can see in my head or feel the weight of, not just a multipul of 10. Maybe if I was born with it ,it would be different. bruce

Re: Guinness Fat Twins

Yeah, I think you're right. They're on motorcycles. I suppose even an HD Ultraglide would look like a moped under those fellas.

Re: 5'5 - 155 lbs you'd think my ped would scream

9 inches long btw..


Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

take some xenodrine you slobs

Metrics are better? Hmmmm.....

I think the metric system has a lot of advantages,(1) except for the kilometer and centimeter being so short comparatively to our mile and inch respectively. I would like a larger measure like 2 kilometers for a unit to be named later. And a unit for 2 centimeters the same way.(2) I do hate Celsius because it's not as accurate as Fahrenheit as far as finer graduations concerning degrees are concerned.(3) I also like the finer graduations of thousandths of an inch rather than tenths of millimeters because a thousandth is probably around 4 times more finely graduated.(4) I am used to 32 degrees being freezing and 0 degrees being `unpeddable' weather. DARN!..... I guess I'll keep the `ol English measurement system after all! HaHaHaHaaaa!

Well done Bruce ... lol !

Nice set-up and punchline ... hahaha

Yep... thats right.. 795 pounds... so any 'a you bubbas want to mess with me.... yoinaheepatrubble !

Our engineered drawings here are now about half and half (metric and English)... many of the CAD drawings have both values for every single dimension.

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

Regina Powell /

I'm just shy of 5'5" and about 150, but most of that is muscles and girlie bits. My Indian is pretty burly for a 'ped, though. Indian made every other bike huge, they stuck with that theme for their moped.

Xenodrine, duckie?

How's about all us chubs gang up and DOGPILE THE SKINNY GUY!!!

Heh. Heh.

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