Are all moped riders heavy?

I've been wondering where are all the little guys that ride mopeds? Most of the people who write in to these discussions, who talk about their weight, all weight 200 or 220 lbs. I feel so puny now that I'm down to a slim, trim 175. This is just in fun, so don't take it seriously, please.

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

Garret Rassulo /

im 5'2" 130lbs, im a lil guy

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

I'm a fat bastard.

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

At 51 years old, you are entitled to to get a sag! Doug D

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

Dan Webber Kastner /

160 lbs.. and 6 ft tall.. medium.

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

160...? medium..? =]

6'1"-ish... 180 lbs of rock and roll fury.

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

a few months ago i was 6ft and 150 lbs

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

im 6 foot 3 i weigh 165 pounds.. im not puney though.. far from it.

im actualy pretty damn fit..


I play football and soccer.

profesionaly I am service manager of a Walmart Auto Shop

23 years old

QUACK QUACK.. okay enough tooting my own horn.

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

i used to weigh 1500 lbs.. but now, thanks to Jesus 2000, i <i>still</i> weigh 1500 lbs.... BUT IM 14 FEET TALL!

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

gimmyjimmy /

6'2" 228 lbs.

I gained a few extra lbs. when I quit smoking 2 yrs. ago, but I need it all when I kick start my bike.

5'5 - 155 lbs you'd think my ped would scream


Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

I got a gut but it comes and goes.... I'm around 6'3 and used to always weigh 180.

Now that I've graduated I'm holding at 220, so I'm no longer scrawny.

I keep telling people that drinking coffee since I was 12 stunted my growth. It didn't help. I still hit my head on a lot.

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

SteveFulcher /

Im 5' 5'', and weigh 8 an a half stone. Aint got a clue what it is in pounds but i have a 28'' waist so it isnt much! My FS1 still seems incredible small though. I have a 6' 3'' friend who has a Honda Dax. Now thats funny!

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

I use to feel sorry for donkeys with heavy packs, but just think of those poor little mopeds straining their guts out just to please us. Mans best freind =MOPED .... bruce

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

X-Brand. 27 years ago I was 6'0"+ and 145 lbs. THOSE days are gone!(Sniff,sniff) I'm losing a little and down to 220 lbs.or so. I only got about 35 more to go! (:^)

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?


I am 160 and 5'10". I ride my moped as a regular form of transportation, and I am not that big.


Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

Amen,Bruce! They are overworked for sure! And most don't even have cooling fans like mowers and weed trimmers do. They get really HOT in a traffic jam! Now that I have my 60cc kit I realize how that would have been a better limit to put on the moped engine size,or they could've allowed gears like the Honda 50.


Reeperette /

Sheeeit guys, sometimes I am surprised I don't wind up flapping from the handlebars like some demented kind of battle banner.

I am like 5'6", I can fly a ped pretty good, heh.


Re: heavy?

Thanks for keeping this light guys. Actually, in my original post, I might have lied just a little. I do weigh in at 175 but I'm 5'7" and just a little overweight, but I'm 67 years old so I deserve a little slack, I think...Ken D

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

Paul La Sorsa /

Im 5'11" and 140lbs.

Guinness Fat Twins

Spike Bachman /

Remember those guys? - Wern't they were the two fattest twins on Earth or something. The photo I remember of them showed them riding down the street on - I think - mopeds!

You know who I bet had to be a moped owner? Chris Farley. God rest his soul.


Re: Guinness Fat Twins

Those guys ary Billy and Benny Mcrary. One died from obesity a few years ago. they were professional wrestlers for a time.

I posted their photo in the 'sightings' forum, along with some facts.

The LOOK like they're on mopeds, but the bikes are more like a CR-80 or 125.

Check out the pic, and see what you think.

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

I'm 30-30-30. So's my ped.

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

I'm 5'9 and 140 pounds.

Re: 5'-11&quot;, 175

But the variator on the Grande helps. I just peddle like hell on the Solex once in a while.


Re: 5'-6&quot;, 110

and man does my garelli ever scream while im riding it!!!

Re: 5'-6&quot;, 110

im 105 pounds

Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

Me ?



Re: Are all moped riders heavy?

I live in Canada, went to school in the 50s and 60s and was taught in feet, yards, inches etc. Also schooled in pounds and ounces. Sometime in the 70s some 'clown' decided that the whole world should be metric so Canada and the U.S. changed to the metric system. After just a few short months, the confusion was so bad that the U.S. stopped and went back to the old 'standard ' system leaving Canada to trade with its biggest market trader, the U.S., in different units of measurements. After more than 25 years of experience with the metric system, I can tell you Americans with confidence that Fred weights 795 pounds and is 9 foot 7 inches tall . bruce

Re: Metrics

Actually, I think the 'clown' who decided the whole world should be Metric, was Napoleon. One of the few permanent changes as a result of the french revolution.

There was a big push for metric, like you mentioned. I think Metrics are better--- like decimal, they are based on a system of "Tens"

I don't like having both measurements in use that's the crummy part. One or the other.

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