Rick Geyer /

I was wondering if anyone knew anything about the new 2002 Zumas. I just bought one and it does about 43 or so and the guy at the bike shop said that if you remove the CDI or something like that it would gain me about 5-10 miles an hour. (he wouldn't tell me how though do to reliability)

any answer would be appreciated


Re: Zuma

Garret Rassulo /

the CDI (or capacitive discharge ignition) has an RPM limiter built into it to keep it within the legal speed limits (and also for reliability) there are places that sell an aftermarket unit that dosent have one built in, allowing the engine to reach higher RPM's and thus giving you a higher top speed. however this dose decrease reliability and probably voids your warranty. the first "moped" i ever drove was a 1991 Zuma, their great bikes. if it was me id keep it stock.

gotta love those huge tires!


Re: Zuma

Am I crazy, or is a zuma not a moped at all, but a scooter. Don't get me wrong, they are very cool looking scooters, but a scooter none the less.

Re: Zuma

Dan Webber Kastner /

i am pretty sure they are scoots.

Re: Zuma

Re: Zuma

Yes, the Zuma is a scooter... but so are alot of other

" mopeds " . I guess it all depends on your state's MV laws and the wordage they use in their defintions of a moped. To me a moped HAS to have pedals but in some states and countries 50cc means moped even if the thing has no pedals.

50cc scoots, mopeds,our motors are similar / identical and we all get pushed around by the impatient cage drivers...50cc scoot drivers will be useful in our master plan of Swarm and Destroy...these 50cc small displacement bikes have alot in common , I'll be glad to see more of them on the road :)

Unplug a wire

I have been told by the shop owner who sells Zuma's (under another name)... that all you have to do is unplug a certain wire and the rev limiter will be disconnected.

This shop owner is an ace mechanic and racing engine builder... not some white collar dork salesman.

There might also be a plastic washer on the variator that prevents the pulley from closing all the way... (little more speed)

... he says there is a small kit that goes with it (maybe carburetor jets ?)... that lets it go a little faster yet.. (along with the rev-limiter unplug)

For right now ?... Leave it alone... break it in and learn to ride and get used to it.

Put 1000 miles on it then worry about making it faster.

43mph is pretty good isn't it ??

Zumas were designed and built by Yamaha in Japan ... but they farmed the production out to Korea and they are made there now and sold under the Yamaha name and a few other names (same machine).

They are good machines.

Re: Unplug a wire

Matt Wilson /

The 2002 Zumas have a different engine than the 2001 and previous. The 2002 are horizontal engines and the previous models are vertical. Make sure you rember this before you pay any parts.

As far as unplugging a wire..... from what I have heard and read this does not work anymore. It did work on pre 1995 models according to taffspeed. More info at taffspeed.com

There is a yahoo forum yamaha_zuma about tuning these, and many people get 65+mph with a 70cc kit.

If you make any upgrades get a new and nonrestricted CDI and a performance exhaust.

Check out some of these links if you are interested.






I'm doing a big upgrade to mine but its staying 50cc... so calm down casey....j/k....and I'm going to post some pictures on my website soon

they'll be at



Re: Unplug a wire

Matt Wilson /

I just posted a good picture and zuma info page on my site

go here


and click on mopeds....I'm also gonna try and post the pic here but no guarantees....also I didn't write this document or take the pic...I took them from the zuma forum

<)IMG src="http://www.rpi.edu/~wilsom/Mopeds/vario1.jpg"(>;

maybe this'll work...I've never done it before

Re: Unplug a wire

Matt Wilson /

Re: Unplug a wire

Matt Wilson /

Re: Unplug a wire

Matt Wilson /

damn...I give up...well go to the website and check it out....sorry


Re: Unplug a wire

Matt Wilson /

<)IMG src="http://www.rpi.edu/~wilsom/vario1.jpg"(>;

this probably won't work but its a picture of how to remove the restrictor washer fred was talking about

what am I doing wrong? I'd like to be able to post hte pic...


Re: Unplug a wire

just take out the quotation marks

<IMG src="http://www.rpi.edu/~wilsom/vario1.jpg">;

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