How do I go about cleaning moped parts?


I soon will be taking apart my moped to clean

and don't quite know how to go about cleaning my

parts for my ped/scooter.

Can anyone help? If any thanks.

-Rob Hamilton

Re: How do I go about cleaning moped parts?

How in depth are you going into the "take apart" stage? if it's just a matter of seperating the engine from the frame and removing a few other acessories, I'd say clean the engine with brake parts cleaner or Gunk spray engine cleaner. The frame, wheels, etc. can be cleaned with a power washer or scrubbing with soapy water. If you're good with mechanics, it also wouldn't hurt to de-carbonize the engine if there's a lot of miles on the bike.

Re: How do I go about cleaning moped parts?

Ron Brown /


Take it easy with the power washer. It will force water into places where it should never be, bearings, spoke nipples, carbs, switches, etc. Do it the oldfashiond slow way with a garden hose and be safe.

If you are cleaning individual oily parts, mineral spirits (paint thinner) is inexpensive and fairly safe.


Mini-steam cleaner

Hey guys! My wife just bought one of those 39.95 mini-steam cleaners that was advertised on TV info-mercials. She did the tile in the bathroom and MAN did it come clean. I told her I was gonna do mopeds with it. I'll let you know how it does as I'm basically too lazy to scrub by hand much. (:^)

Laugh if you wish, but...

Reeperette /

As a degreaser, I use a 4/1 mix of water and dawn dishwashing liquid, it really does cut the grease...heh.

Tho you hafta make sure to get it ALL off once yer done or any residue can cause a gunk problem.

Prolly better to use something designed for the job, but that stuff's expensive, and imma cheap bastard.


Re: Thanks for your input Brandon, Ron, Don, R

Robert Hamilton /

Guys, thanks for the help I'll be sure to put it to good use


Re: Thanks for your input Brandon, Ron, Don, R

Always welcome,Rob! I'm gonna try that steam cleaner out soon on my Sebring.The wheels are REALLY greasy from all the chain lubing I do.I lube it every long trip I take,seems like.

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