Hey Doug D.!

Hey,Doug! Mind tellin' me if that new source has any MO2 engine parts or Sebrings? Thanks!

Re: Hey Doug D.!

Hey Don-O, he dont carry parts but has a mess of bikes, I`m writting this down so I`ll be sure to look, been there twice and only saw half of them! Bought 6 mopeds counting the 3-wheel, fixed and sold 3 and waiting on parts.... I think I paid about 5 or 6 dollars for a quart for Amsoil. I`ll let you know on the bikes, if there is any.

Re: Hey Doug D.!

Thanks,Doug! That's not too bad a price for premier oil like AMSOIL. Let's see.......at 50:1 that will mix about 12.5 gals. of gas, about 50 cents per 100 miles or more of riding. That is satisfactory for cost of superior protection as far as I'm concerned.I'm pleased with my Pennzoil synthetic,but the cost is about the same,really. (:^)

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