What kind of Kit will work in a Pacer/Hero Majestic

So i have a Hero majestic panther that I've had up on these discussion boards recently, i was asking opinions of what to do if I completely overhauled it and turned it into a lighter bike and chopped a bunch of it up. the general consensus was that It's an awesome bike as is, so ive decided to keep in pretty cosmetically original, with the exception of the seat and pipe and certain transmission parts.

However it has recently come to my attention that my Hero majestic harbors the same engine as alot of the later/newer Pacer mopeds, and I need to know what kind of 70-80 cc cit will work in it, seeing as treatland and 77peds dont actually have sections for H/M or Pacer


Re: What kind of Kit will work in a Pacer/Hero Majestic

Tony montana /

your bike is a regular step thru h/m panther with a toptank added. everything else is the same as any panther. theres thousands of them in ohio, handy bikes and a couple others sold them for years. ive had two of these toptank models. biggest flaw with these h/m, india made, bikes are the cheap ass castings used on the engine. that being said, they are still quite reliable. the carb is basically a sha vespa style clone. so I would start with a dellorto 13.13 and a good airbox, and a cut and weld performance pipe. the kit that used to work on these is a Peugeot kit but I personally wouldn't kit it, doubt that bottom end will handle the added power for long.

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