Almost got hit

for the first time. Going from work to my house for lunch. She was in an accord, and ran a stop sign.

I'm lucky I missed her, and am really glad that my brakes are nice and tight. I think I locked both the front and rear up. I'm going to practice the controlled slide, to stop faster.

Air horns and a pair of cheipie fog lights are next on my list too.

The funny part- If I would have been hit- I work for the City of Lubbock as a transportation planner. Maybe I could have played it up for more funding for bike paths and shared lanes?

Damn it's hard to calm down from that sitting behind a desk.

Re: Almost got hit

Man! Glad you're okay,Mike! I know what you mean. Nearly been gunned down a few times. My boy drives a Pizza delivery car and he warned me it's getting worse and said to `watch out' on the `ped. SURE GLAD you're okay! (:^)

Re: Almost got hit

InfectedBootSector /

Holy Shnippies..... don't ya hate that? It's like the rednecks here, bearing down on ya in a huge truck, only they do it on purpose... working on my tack release device... my ped is going to look like d from Goonies when I am done!

Re: Almost got hit

Now listen,I'm fain to mention this............I better not.......but there's a way I saw on a scooter forum to make `em back off a little................and I'm gonna try it.........but NOT in the city. And remember,Infected,there's good red-necks and lousy no-good fer nuthin' red-necks. I'm in between there somewhere. (:^)

Re: Almost got hit

monday a minivan barely missed me... it sure gets your adrenaline pumping when sheet metal comes towards your way. Oh well, it ads seasoning to the sport if you can find time to change your pants afterwards.

Re: Almost got hit

Lubbock ? Is that Buddy Hollys home town ? bruce

Re: Happens out here, too.

I stopped at a residential intersection that had 4 stop signs. The Camry coming from the left seemed to be going too steady a speed to stop, even if it was about 25MPH.

Put my thumb on the horn and when the front bumper crossed the limit line I laid on the button. Held it til the rear bumper cleared the other side of the intersection.

She never jumped, nor turned her head, or even blink.

I won't mention the predominent ethnic group.


Hey Don ya gonna tell us?

Your not gonna tell us are ya don?

I'm afraid to,Matt.

Well,PaMatt! I'm afraid if I tell it,some youngsters will get in trouble on account of me,or it will cause a wreck(really, I spoke before I thought in this instance). I don't want to be indirectly responsible for someone causing panic behind their moped so I better not say. Sorry I mentioned it. But I'm gonna try it out at slow speed on a country road, the next tailgater that molests me. I think at slow speed it is a good lesson for the tailgaters, and will make them back off. But they might get a little mad at me. At faster speeds it could cause a dangerous swerve. I really like the `smoke screen' idea the best.

Re: Happens out here, too.AND Truck speed bad.

THAT is SCARY,Jim! Where are our police when she's driving around? That's what gets me................they let the big trucks and Semi Tractor-trailer rigs speed and hardly ever pull them over here in Ohio(most major roads are posted 65mph, trucks(vehicles) over 4 tons empty...55mph). So WHY does our State Patrol let the truckers run 70mph on these roads? IF the truckers were forced to run a LITTLE slower than cars, they would be in the RIGHT LANE where they belong......NOT weaving in and out of traffic to maintain their illegal speed. They are EXTREMELY dangerous to cars on the road. And concerning that woman, we shouldn't see drivers like her on the road at all. I mean NO OFFENSE to you truckers out there. I would only like to see you stay in the right lane as much as possible and stay within reason of the ACTUAL posted limits so we car and pick-up drivers have a safer world. You truckers that speed can be AWFUL GLAD I'm not a State Patrolman, Because I'd have 2 Semis pulled over for every car I pulled over. I know they have deadlines, but that is the Company's problem, not the average motorists. ANYONE feel strongly pro or con about this? (:^)


Lubbock is indeed Buddy Holly's home town. There are historical markers, a museum and a street named after him. Peggy sue still lives here, and is pretty damned old.

The funny thing is that he HATED this place.

Agreed, Don-O

Reeperette /

Although I will say it's often not all the truckers fault.

Blame the company as well for handing them a timetable that flatly cannot be completed on time at 55mph, and demanding that they keep to it.

But there's enough wild-hair guys out there too, and when I catch em, I will report em....I've seen conduct outta some of these guys that'd curl yer hair, and from my roomies cage, no less.

Imagine tryin to "thread the needle" in a 1/4 "weave lane" between two truckers and an SUV, and none of them are givin an 65-70mph and into a 30mph Exit ramp curve at that speed in a 4-wheel slide.

Man was I pissed.

(I was drivin, and the roomie was busy screamin.)



Yeah,Ree. When we went to Missouri the other day,my heart was in my throat several times `cause of 80-85 mph truckers on I-64. The Patrols are NOT doing their jobs and people are dying because of it. WHEN will the States `wise-up'?

2-wheel road rage

Regina Powell /

I live in Minneapolis, land of sprawl, where even the back streets are 4 lanes and people think they're the freeway.

I've been almost hit more times than I can count and hit several times (all on bicycles, none on the 'ped yet, knock wood) and I have a severely bad attitude about 4 wheel vehicles.

I have jumped off my bike, punched windshields, menaced SUV bastards with my U-lock, ranted, raved and generally raised hell in a manner unbecoming a lady (which I am mostly not).

None of it helps. What mostly helps is superhuman vigilance, paranoia, and assuming that "they" will gun it to hit you, never see you, come out of alleys at 20 mph and stop 10 feet into the street (in the area where you legally have to ride anything less than a motorcycle here in car-land-hell) and pretty much anything else to get ya.

Re: 2-wheel road rage

hahah, yeah! you rock.

im always riding ready to make an example out of someone with my U-Lock. i know that day will come.


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