The first meeting of the Clan

Welcome all Moped Army membersand posters,

This is an invitation for all the Mopedd-ers in

The Neenah Menasha Area

today at 01630 hundred hours

the first meeting of all the pedd-ers

in the area who would like to come

are invited please show up

Me and the 4 pedd-ers in the

group so far will be waiting

Please visit fresh air park at

four thirty its going to be a

hell rasier



Re: The first meeting of the Clan


that -R is copyrited material used exclusivly by king -Ree

of the moped army.. the use without written permission is not authorised and strickly prohibitied... said parties will not be held responcible for any harm or injury comeing forth from results with unauthorised use. This -R comes with no warrenty written or implied. Beware of the dog. No sniffiling.

light out 10pm. 21 or older please. Shoes off..

No sex in the champagne room.

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