chinese snail problems

Garret Rassulo /

ok, when i first take out my 50cc Qingqi scooter in the morning, like just after its warmed up enough to take the choke off, i have a s*#$ load of torque & pickup, however, as the bike warms up, it gets steadily worse and worse, until im basically using my feet to get off the line. it dosent affect top speed however. the bike had several minor seizes in the past and is well past due for a ring job, but i just found it odd how performance DECREASES as it warms up. what could be causing this?

by the way, the lean running that was causing the seizes has been fixed, now its just this odd speed problem and the smoke and bad gas mileage from dead rings.


Re: chinese snail problems

Sounds like maybe transmission problems. My guess would be that since you can scat off the line when warming, the transmission fluid is thicker. But, as it gets hotter, and you saying it doesn't get off the line at all, BUT will get to top end.... what it tells me is that as the transmission gets hotter, the fluid gets thinner and takes longer to build up pressure. Hence, you can still get to top end, after the fluid builds up more pressure. Have you checked your trans. fluid? Changed it lately? Got the right stuff in it?

Food for thought....

Re: chinese snail problems

I had the same problem with a ped last summer (still haven

Re: chinese snail problems

Dave Gregory /

i say u ditch the turtle and get a hare

Re: chinese snail problems

Matt Wilson /

I can't think of any logical reason....

1) as the engine heats up the metal in the cylinder/piston expands and you loose compression either because of worn rings or improperly seated head gasket.

When the cylinder heats up I would think that the compression would increase as the metal expands. Maybe you are getting more friction, but if that were the case I would think that your top speed would decrease too.

2) you are consuming fuel at a rate faster than the float bowl can fill. Check for kinks in your fuel line, possibly replace it with thicker line.

I don't think this is it because if your bike is getting up to top speed fuel flow shoulf be sufficient

I don't think its the transmission heating because again it would seem that your top speed would decrease too.

How about this.... does your scoot have a Vario? maybe your rollers are worn.... I'm not sure this is it but if it was my bike I'd check it our. They affect how quickly your bike takes off....

hopefully Fred or Ron will post on this...... cause I can't figure anything out

One other thing.... if your rings are messed up I think that it would be best to stop riding until you can get new ones in there. You dont want to mess up the cylinder too....unless you are getting a cyl and piston kit.


i think its the transmission fluid

Garret Rassulo /

when i got the bike, the kid that had it b4 me said 2 fill the tranny with 2 stroke oil (same thing that goes in2 the injector tank) i found this a little odd, but did it anyway. i think it may be that. im going to go buy a quart of 30 weight non detergent motor oil and see if that helps (and also 2 bottles of cheap shit 2 stroke oil, so if it dosent, ill just fill it back up with that), its gotta be the tranny oil.

p.s. just ordered a new set of rings from MOL, i ran my Tomos (yes i do have real moped) in2 the GROUND piston wise, all it needed was new rings and a cylinder honing to be fine compression wise (crankshaft is another story though), im sure the one in the scooter is fine, but ill check it anyway. also got a new kickstand and mirrors (both were broken), its gonna be great having a nicely running scooter again (although id perfer my Tomos, but the crank is 2 damn expensive right now, and im not ripping down the tranny again!).


Re: i think its the transmission fluid

If there's two stroke oil in the transmission, I can guarantee you that will cause problems. Just hope that it didn't permanently damage anything. You're gonna want to drain the trans, run the correct oil for a few miles, drain it, put fresh correct oil in it, and maybe run it a few miles and drain it yet again and refill it with the correct oil.

Re: chinese snail problems

Ron Brown /


Nice of you to let us know that you are running 2 cycle in the trans. Do you have a manual that tells you what to use before you change?

If the trans is supposed to run engine oil, you should not have caused too much of a problem.

If the trans is causing your problem, the the symptom is a slipping clutch. Your engine revs up but you don't go anywhere. If your engine is not over reving at take off, it is not a trans problem.

Stuck rings will cause a loss of power which gets worse as the motor heats up. Leakage past the piston causes the intake to "chuff" and run the intake air through the carb twice. This enriches the mixture and causes more smoke.

When you pull the top end, make sure you clean up the piston and ring grooves to remove the effects of siezing. Ust a smooth file, do not use abrasive paper as it is near impossible to clean all of the abrasive powder off the piston.


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