Connecting rod bearing

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does anyone have or know of a place where i can get just the connecting rod bearing for my 77 puch maxi-lux? I've tried at several moped websites and they sell it but you have to buy the whole crank and all with it.



Re: Don't tell anybody

A friend of mine got that bearing for a Cimatti from Vespa Super Shop ( Apparently they have some other make parts they've picked up along with Vespa stuff they've bought.

Call and talk to Fabio.


Re: Connecting rod bearing

Try the . If they don't have it on the site, call the guy. He's very helpful and knowledgeable. I've tried to buy stuff that I thought would fit my 'ped, but it didn't, and he stopped me from getting the wrong stuff. A good deal of his inventory is on the website, but my impression is that even more is not on the site, so it's always better to call if you don't see it. The response on his website www.mopedguru is sometimes slow, but on the phone he really knows his shit. I had a minor problem with something getting lost in shipment, and he took care of it right away, and I got my stuff the next day. Judging by your ISP, the parts should get to you quickly- the mopedwarehouse is in NJ.

Or did you already try them?

Re: Connecting rod bearing

columbiamoped /

yea i already tried there but i didn't call him

Re: Connecting rod bearing

Give him a call tomorrow. I just ordered a new light, a carb, intake, some light bulbs, some fuel line, a switch baseplate and an air filter. Four of those things weren't on the website, so I'd say you'd have a good shot at getting what you want. He also has a good selection of used items, and the prices are better than anywhere I've seen. The only thing I haven't been able to get from him is a black side cover for my Puch Magnum II.

And no, I don't work there. Being a jaded person myself, I thought I should mention it.

Try Ike's bikes;he's a member.

I'll bet you got that bearing,don't ya' Ike?

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