Toronto moped gathering June 8 ?

I had to come up with a date so here it is Sat. JUNE 8 .High Park. (note)...the park is closed to motor vehicles at this time of year on weekends How will this affect us ? We would have to 'peddle' in the park or risk possible tickets by 'riding' with motors on. How do you feel about this ? Do you want another location ? Let me know your thoughts. bruce

Re: Toronto moped gathering June 8 ?

Jamie Leonard /

Should be there myself with any luck. :) (Not far for me to go, but have to triple check my availability)

As for getting into the park, can always hold it closer to bloor - that way in a pinch you can just push them over to a picnic area.

Re: Toronto moped gathering June 8 ?

Jamie, that's what I was thinging too. The replies for this post are slow coming, I'm going to email some the info. What's a good time for this 1pm ? bruce

Re: Toronto moped gathering June 8 ?

june 8th is definite? i'll find out if i am available.. and see if i can round up the troops from cincinnati, too...

what all is gonna go on? are there cool bars around?

Re: Toronto moped gathering June 8 ?

Jamie Leonard /

Well as a proud Canadian of course any social activity has to include the traditional Canadian national pastimes:

1. Complaining about the heat/cold.

2. Moose Tossing.

3. Making fun of (insert political party here)

4. Building a log cabin entire from Beer empties.

I imagine if a few people bring some munchies (I can stuff some on my 'ped) we can at least scrape together a lunch. (otherwise it'd be interesting to order pizza... "Yes can you deliver to the guys on the funny looking two wheeled vehicles in the park? Hello? Hello?")

Toronto usually has something going on at any point during the summer (jazz festival, museum and touristy stuff like the CN tower, bar scene, restaurants, nightclubs, etc etc)

Re: Toronto moped gathering June 8 ?

haha.. awesome. hopefully, some of us can make it...


Re: Toronto moped gathering June 8 ?

Hey Bruce,

If High Park doesn't work, there's always Centennial Park out in Etobicoke (Rathburn & Eglinton ). It's got plenty of space, picnic areas, ski hill (not THAT much fun in summer of course), baseball diamonds, soccer pitches, rc boat pond, control line airplane flying circles, go-karting, golf, bird sanctuary, greenhouses, and a whole lot more stuff to do. There are a few bars nearby and getting things (ie pizza) delivered isn't a problem, I've done it myself.

Just a thought.


Re: Toronto moped gathering June 8 ?

Richard, I am open to this but, maybe it's a little more west for some riders. Too bad High Park is closed the way it is. bruce

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