See you tomorrow guys/Gals.

Gonna leave work now and try to take a late-night moped ride.I know a lot of you people must have been out today.Good weather?Let's hear it.See ya' tomorrow if an SUV don't run me over.(:^)

Re: See you tomorrow guys/Gals.

InfectedBootSector /

Our weather has SUCKED here in MD.

Re: See you tomorrow guys/Gals.

its good in missouri now, tomorrow it will be good for you too

Re: See you tomorrow guys/Gals.

cool cool.. let us know how the ride went

Had a nice ride.

Well,it was a really nice ride.It was late when I left, (because I had picked up a package of moped parts and an MO2 engine),and fairly cool at 45 degrees.But my nice windshield lets me ride in comfort.I went up to Wellston and enjoyed looking at the lake and the campers.Had a State Patrol really checking me out on the way up there.He followed me a long ways,and I was just sure he was gonna pull me over.But he found a poor honest soul pulling an equipment trailer to molest and so I went on my way.It was a real relaxing ride and the engine ran smooth as silk.I remember thinking what a great bike a Sebring is and how comfortable it fits me with that great big seat.Got home about 11:30 PM and totaled around 40+ miles.(:^)

Re: Had a nice ride.

Jamie Leonard /

Sounds nice! Personally I'm just looking forward to an end to the cold/rain here. Been hovering too close to freezing in the morning for comfort with higher chances of rain (freezing rain on a moped is something I don't like to chance) Still, I've gotten a couple good rides into work so far this season (riding into work for me is close to an hour each way)

Am glad actually I added the biturbo, as on my ride into the new job I have to hit some 60kph speed limit roads (Where everyone is of course doing 70-75kph or more) and its nice to keep close to the speed of traffic in that situation... cars zipping by me at a difference of 5-10kph isn't bad, cars zipping past me at a difference of 40kph makes me more nervous. :)

Next week should be warm enough for me to get several days of riding in.. (pats his moped and mutters in a somewhat scary voice "Soon... sooon.... ")


Re: Had a nice ride.

Yeah..........saw the bad weather you guys are getting near the lakes.Michigan's has been kinda' bad too I think.Just go to my hero Walter Muma's site and keep that moped fever burnin' bright.I don't think I'll ride tonight.I am losing too much sleep having to get up at 5:30 AM for 4 straight 12 hr.shifts.

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