The importance of having a fire extinguisher.

Well, this is what you would see if you had been at my town last saturday. (excerpt from local paper below)

"Nevada firemen say a broken fuel line apparently caused a moped to burst into flames late Saturday night on the Woods Supermarket parking lot. Casey Jones, Nevada, owned the moped and there were no injuries. Firemen answered the alarm at 11:38 p.m. and were back at department headquarters by midnight." -Nevada Daily Mail

Hahaha, actually the moped is in good shape, just some electrical and some cable problems at hand. Fix this and slap a new coat of paint on and ill have the beast back on the road within a month.

Its hard seeing your ped in flames, its like watching an elderly relative die... i felt helpless.

Just thought id show the purpose of keeping a small extinguisher in your moped survival pack. It would had saved my ass on this one. haha...

Re: The importance of having a fire extinguisher.

Very good point,Rev!I think I'll at least throw a box of baking soda in there for the time being.Sorry about your moped.Hope you get to `pedding soon! (:^)

Re: The importance of having a fire extinguisher.

its okay... it was on my project ped... its kinda in bad shape already... got the indian and motobecane ready to rock in the shop. My truck was actually parked in the same parking lot and i fought the fire with an old pair of boxers behind the seat.... this worked until they caught on fire also... EEK! :P

I fought it all they way, and i guess it was the supermarket who called the cops and fd. Everyone thought it was funny... a sad day for mopeds in missouri.

Re: The importance of having a fire extinguisher.

Dave Gregory /

i feel your pain brother....well not really, but i bet it sucked. did the boxers survive??? hope it made it out alright....


Re: The importance of having a fire extinguisher.

As long as no one got hurt and parts are available, it's not so bad, Just a bummer having it happen.

Save the newspaper article to laugh at years from now!


Re: The importance of having a fire extinguisher.

Reeperette /

Yeah, you can buy a small dry-chem cartridge loaded extinguisher for about $10-15, and it's worth it.

I have had a flameout myself before, so I know how it feels, but the damage is generally pretty limited, mostly replacing wiring, any rubber/plastics, and repainting.

Although scorch marks might look cool if yer into the Rat-Bike thing.


Re: The importance of having a fire extinguisher.

haha, yah it was kept mostly on the tank. seat and insturments are in great shape.... just pisses me off b/c i just got it back together from painting it... :( haha oh well... What doesnt kill it makes it tougher.

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