Moped titles?

I just bought a nice used 1987 honda express from a guy who bought it at a swap meet is there any way i can get a title and plates for it?

thank you

Re: Moped titles?

No title needed, under 250cc in maine. check your local laws---

call city hall or DMV

Re: Moped titles?

What State are you in , noah ?

I live in Wisonsin

I live in wisconsin

Re: I live in Wisonsin

Go to and get their e-mail address. It's I think. They are in Wisconsin and should know everything since they sell and repair scooters and mopeds.Okay?

Moped Laws

there should also be a link in the links archive for state laws.... if not, then go to and look up moped laws... it should have a post from someone in your state.

Re: My experience

In South Carolina; If the previous owner's title is signed over to you or if you somehow have the dealer's or manufacturer's original sales document the state will issue a new title. Otherwise, the procedure is to go to a moped store where I was issued (for $45) a moped plate (and sticker) and an unofficial looking document that has the VIN No., a plate (sticker) number. moped make and model and owner's name and address. Supposedly, a copy of this document is kept on file by a semi-official motorcycle organization. I keep reminding myself to find out who they are, but have not. The idea is to use this as ownership proof when selling or reporting the moped as stolen.

Re: My experience

Regina Powell /

Sometimes your local library will have a big book o' statutes. I know when I moved to Minneapolis (I'm a big bicycle geek as well) I looked up all of the bicycle laws at the library.

Also, your local DMV might have some info. Although the DMV is a scary and evil place, sometimes they just have a wall of pamphlets. In MN, the DMV Motorcycle pamphlet has all the moped info in it as well. I got mine from the library, tho'.

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