Parts to build a ped around

I've had the lower half of a Vespa Monte Carlo Si sitting around for a while now, and was wondering if anyone had parts that I could use to make a whole moped again. I'd need a frame, fork, headlight--- basically the top of a moped to do it. I would also need a new head, cylinder and piston. Anybody have a small vespa moped frame and fork sitting around?

My other idea is to try and make an electric moped, using the parts and some very stout wheelchair motors, from an abandoned battlebot project. I figure the variable belt drive would be well suited for this.

Any ideas?

Re: Parts to build a ped around

Trying to piece together a ped will be very expensive as it nickel and dimes you to death. Also the time involved locating the pieces. Fasteners, spacers, special hardware all have to be rounded up.

It would be easier to keep what you have as spare parts, and find a complete bike of that model

My $0.02.


Re: Parts to build a ped around

I believe that the SI is the same as the Grande, with an engine made by Gilera...I think.

project cost v/ whole

Jim C. You are right- it'd be like trying to turn my 82 buick regal into an 87 grand national. Sure, most of the parts are the same, but after engine, paint and detail items, I figure it would cost me around $6000..... about the cost of a decent, but not great grand national.

I figured I'd post and see if anyone would fess up to having any parts lying around.

I figure a Grande frame would be the best for the electric conversion, because I'd have enough frame to put the batteries on it. I just wasn't really sure if it was close enough to bolt together.

Re: 'lectric ped

A Grande frame is more than adequate, considering the size of the tube it is made from.

If you are talking about building something from scratch, that can in some respects be easier than bringing all the missing parts together.

Speaking of a Grand National, there's one of those around here in real cherry shape. They seem to use it as a daily driver.


Re: 'lectric ped

There are quite a few around here. I thought there were about 2 or 3, but one day I went to Sonic, to look at the old coot's cars and there were 8. I parked my shabby regal waaaaaay in the back.

My favorite one is a metallic grey t-type.

Oh wait - uh mopeds

The grande frame is also wide enough to hold most batteries. I'm thinking about using two electric motors, and having them go to a single output shaft, attached to the si's tranny. Kind of copying a set-up I saw on an electric car the engineering students were doing here.

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