Summer Mileage Contest

Okay, we all know Don-Ohio will win, but it will be fun anyway.

Take a photo of your odometer, (or just post the numbers....we'll trust you...)

Make sure if your speedo is tracking distance in miles per hour, or kilometers per hour.

(I think my tomos registers speed in MPH, but tracks the distance in KPH)

Then, every few weeks, or month, take a NEW photo of your odometer..... (Or post the numbers....if you don't have a cam)

Let's see who's REALLY putting the miles on their machine.

I got mine on the road friday, it had 200 miles exactly. It's pushing 250 already......

My guess is that Don will come in first, Ree second....

but I think third could be up for grabs--- some newbie who rides his ped everywhere day and night.

Ideas? Suggestions?

Any smart-ass comments from the "Fresh air Brigade" (They better post their smart-ass response soon, before their entire IP address is deleted/prevented from posting at all)

Re: Summer Mileage Contest

I don't know if I'd win over Ree,but I do take mostly mid-to long range local trips,not to brag,but because I LOVE DOING IT.My wife thinks I ride too much(worries a lot about traffic and weather),but I keep reminding her of how much fun she had when she mopeded 36 miles with me.She wants me to have fun or a hobby. I think it's a great idea,Wayne,but I don't have a way of publishing a photo.I assure you I correct my speedo for exact miles unless my speedo has quit or something.Right now it has started skipping to the tune of recording only 7/10ths miles per actual mile marker on the road.I'll have to get a new wheel gear at Handy Bikes,I guess........We wouldn't want anybody who `peds short trips to be left out,so how about this: Have a contest for most round trip `ped trips taken of say one mile or more.That way everybody gets a shot.And maybe how many miles on one bike a person racks up?I'm looking forward to seeing you take that humongous trip,Wayne! (:^)

Re: Summer Mileage Contest

Dave Gregory /

I think this should be turned into a real sport. and by sport i mean like espn stuff. think about it...we could be on trading games......bilboards and mabey even.......HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok im jumpin ahead a little....but seriously, we should go big or not go at all


Re: Summer Mileage Contest

Jamie Leonard /

Hmm... starting in a couple weeks I'll be averaging about 50km per day... so probably about 30-35 miles per day... Might keep me at least in the top 10 ;)

Re: Summer Mileage Contest

Wow!That's some awesome mopeding,Jamie!Do you have a back-up in case you break down?Sounds like you might need one.You see, `ol Wayne is using `ulterior loco-motives' here..........he gets everyone to agree to this and THEN he pulls that humongous trip to Biloxi from Maine.NOW I get it,Wayne! I may be slow, but it comes naturally.(:^)

Summer Mileage Contest Update

Yeah, my numbers are low-- I need to pull Some Don-O style trips.

Bummer that the QT-50 has such a damn small gas tank--- I rolled into a gas station on fumes, no liquid in the tank, and it took .75 cents to fill it. That's not a lot of gas---

if my 2000 targa rolled in with a totally empty tank, it would take double that--- almost 2 bucks in gas--- double the distance..... On the targa-- I'd fill up because I'd think-- hey I havent filled up since saturday....!

On the Yamahopper QT 50 I've run out of gas twice already-- and dammit, the 'res' tank doesn't seem to work at all.

But, I digress. My mileage, since it's been nice enough to ride, is at 225 miles. That's what Don-O does before noon on a weekend. How are you others doing? My ride to work is under 2 miles, and it's under 2 miles to school..... that kind of means any substantial miles are 'joyriding'.

So, I've got 225 miles racked up for the summer mileage contest.

If I can get my body armor and a nice helmet, and I take the trip to Biloxi from Maine, I might be in the running for the top 10 distance riders.



Re: Summer Mileage Contest

Jamie Leonard /

(missed the original response here... gotta love the float to top! :)

Actually I can use public transit if the moped ever breaks down - thats what I do for rainy days anyways (I don't mind being rained on, but I mind having cars around me speeding with low traction ;) I did a count... riding into work (according to my speedo) is 44km (so a fair amount of riding each day) and takes me about 55 minutes to just over an hour.

Scary really... the last place I worked I rode the moped just about every summer/fall/spring day (a good 9-10 months of the year basically just stopping when things iced up) and that was only a 8 km ride total (but took about 25-30 minutes, higher levels of traffic)

So far the Tomos has been ultra reliable for me - in 3 years of running the only things replaced are: Flasher unit (twice, second time I went with an automotive one... had a couple pebbles get up underneath somehow and dent the thin metal on the flasher housing... then no more flasher. Now its a plastic shelled one that seems more durable and is the same voltage so far as I can tell), two bulbs (headlight and a flasher bulb), and I replaced the tires (which didn't technically need it, but I am just not fond of those "slick" stock tomos tires... anyone else find the wet weather and gravel performance of those tend to be fairly bad?


Re: Summer Mileage Contest Update

Thanks for the compliments,Wayne! I love to ride and people may call it `joyriding', but I call it `sightseeing and exploring'. I am approaching another 4 days off and Mon. AM at 7 o`clock I am free to moped again! I REALLY want to know more about this gigantic trip you may take,Wayne, and remember my offer of a bed and hot meals if you arrive at Jackson,OH. I do have to get my speedo fixed soon. Think I ought to take another 200 miler up to Handy BIkes to get a new gear for the front wheel. Ha! (:^)

Re: Summer Mileage Contest Update

Ron Brown /


Use a flashlight and look in your gas tank toward the gas tap. A lot of taps use a push-in plastic tube/screen in the tap to raise the level of the "on" input to the tap. Many times, these fall off, leaving the on and reserve positions the same.


come on down wayne :)

Dave Gregory /

come down here to massachusetts wayne. then we can show you how 2 rack up the miles.


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