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Spike Bachman /

I just wanted to thank Simon for all his time and efforts in bringing us this site. It's one of the most intelligently designed, informative, and entertaining sites I know of - and I'm a graphic design professional.

Best Regards, Spike

Re: Thanks Simon

We all know what a great job Simon does,and I can't imagine the amount of time and effort he puts into it. I first came on this site to get some help for an old moped, and never thought I would find so many helpful people which I now consider good friends. So here's to Simon for everthing he's done for all of us. Thanks Spike for bringing this up. bruce

Re: Thanks Simon


Re: Thanks Simon

Ditto,Simon! Thanks! I'm in your debt. (:^)

Re: Thanks Simon

Thanks for all the kind words, I really appreciate it. I try and make this site as good as it can be for the moped community -- the number speak that it's popular and helpful. Thanks for making it everything it's become.


Re: Thanks Simon

Mopeds won't become dinosaurs as long as we have guys with Simon's dedication.

Thanks Simon!


Re: Thanks Simon

Simon, you are the man! Don't forget to thank the regulars too. They are the one's who help people fix their problems...Ron, Fred, Ike, Zippy, Infected, and whoever else that I know I missed. Also, don't forget about the members who post here frequently...we all know they rock! :)

Re: Thanks Simon

Freshairbrigader /

Thanks Simon,

I will now change my name and

fix up my errors and change so

mixups don't happen again

I'll just really fix it up

And lock my computer

Thanks Simon for all your


I just hope we can work

throught the problems in

the past. You really are a

big help and reasonable guy

so thanks Simon


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