3 dead after biker bar brawl in nevada


I'm glad the Moped Army doesn't get into trouble like this. Then again, there were 50,000-80,000 people at their rally (!), so I guess that's only a small percentage that got murdered.

Anyway, crazy times.

Re: 3 dead after biker bar brawl in nevada


A little history...

Saturday's incident could be connected to an Angel rider found shot dead 40 miles outside of Laughlin.

The Angels and the Mongols have been feuding for years.

In the early 70's there was confrontation at a motorcycle swapmeet in Pasadena when memebers of the Mongols allegedly stole items from a vendor. The Angels "intervened".

Around '78-'79 Mongols robbed and killed an Angel courier in Northern California.

The Frameup incident happened next.

The Frameup was a motorcycle shop owned by the Mongols in the Los Angeles area. Around closing time one Saturday, a punctured 16x5.00 Harley wheel was brought in for repair. Since the shop would be closed Sunday and Monday, it would be fixed Tuesday. Around 2:00 A.M. an explosion levelled the shop and part of both neighboring buildings. The wheel was loaded with C-4 military high explosives. Two occupants of the shop were killed.

The Mongols dropped from sight for several years til a brawl at the Orange County motorcycle swapmeet in October last year.


Re: A little history...


Re: A little history...

gimmyjimmy /

These guys would stomp your fuckin ass if you called them wimps or wussy to their face....and/or they would be first to stop and help you with your broken down ped or a fix a flat tire on your grand dad's car.

No need to name call something you don't understand. I have a friend that attended the Laughlin River Run (where this shit went down this past weekend) and I just got his email that he and his wife were ok.

This war between the 1%ers has been building, here on the east coast it's the Angels and Pagans. It's a too bad, the biker image has been set back 30 years with this bullshit.

It's going to be a long hot summer if you ride with colors.

The police and rival clubs will make sure of that!

Re: 3 dead after biker bar brawl in nevada

Ron Brown /

This is looking good. With all the advance publicity, Simon should be able to sell tickets to the BBQ. We will need a few snails to show up, some "iron on" tatoos, oh, and Ree. : )


A little more history

Spike Bachman /

Before the Angels, Mongols, and Pagans, there were the velocepede gangs: The Farthings, The Figgy Puddings, and The Pimpernels. And before them there were the ill-tempered pony-cart gangs. And soforth throughout the ages.

Long live the friendly and fun-loving moped

Fake Riot (Army Hoax)

We could fake a huge riot at the next BBQ. Make national headlines.

lots of fake blood, and a camera ready---

Hoaxes are fun! I could lay next to a demolished moped, with a length of chain around my head--- blood stained clothes.....

An example of what could happen if you post nonsense to the forum or get out of hand at the BBQ.

The headline could read "......during a peaceful moped oriented BBQ-rally at the Moped Army HQ, the rival moped gang "Hell's Satan's" crashed the gathering which erupted into a massive riot, Each member of the 'Hell's Satan's" moped gang remains in critical care at the Kalamazoo Medical Center......"

Re: Fake Riot (Army Hoax)

That would be good

expecially if you call the news station ahead of time

saying that amassive group of moped nazis are planning to disrupt the peace.

Re: Fake Riot (Army Hoax)

InfectedBootSector /


Re: 3 dead after biker bar brawl in nevada

its good that there are no rival gangs in the army... right?!?!?!

Gimmy has it right.

Reeperette /

I am surprised anyone even remembers what the "1%" crowd is anymore...

Most Bikers are straight up guys, they might look a little rough, but they're decent enough folk, you get to know em and don't give em hassle.

But the 1% - that stands for the 1% who've chosen to stand outside of societies rules, laws, and conventions - and they are generally best avoided.

Just so you know.


Re: 3 dead after biker bar brawl in nevada

Regina Powell /

Sometimes the Angels don't care if you're a motorcyclist to mess with you. I'm part of a bicycle club where we build/weld/mutate tall bikes (several bike frames stacked and welded -- the tallest was 3 stories high!), choppers, rickshaws, et cetera. Some of the guys wear the Hard Times Bike Club colors, which is a Jolly Roger with H/T/B/C in the corners and Black Label beer logos.

A group of our guys were riding around (on bicycles!) and were harassed by a bunch of Angels, made to take off their colors, beaten up -- even after they pleaded their case that they don't even ride motorcycles and had nothing to do with any motorcycle gangs, their colors didn't look similar, et cetera. There are bad eggs in all groups, I s'pose, but that's one of the reasons I don't wear colors (that and I've no real psychological need to belong to 'the club').

Re: 3 dead after biker bar brawl in nevada

hey i noticed you had an indian... how is it treating you? Id like to see pictures of your bike frames as you talked about. That sounds intresting and like a form of art. Im sure they look intresting in the forum.

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