Calling all AZ Japanese Scooter/ped fanatics!!!

neothespian /

I am a frim believer in the japanese scooters and mopeds, but in my search for years online and localy, I have found two things: Either you're a Vespa Owner, or you're not. If you're a vespa owner and love spending 10 grand on a scooter, you get a shiznitload of clubs and ride societies. But, being a fan of those little japanese wonders like pasports, C50 & C70's and the good ole elites, dios, and suzukis, I feel...well....screwed.

This is where you guys come in!

I'm looking to start a chapter of the Moped Army in Arizona to not only give support to us 'ped lovers, but to fanatics of all things scooter/ped related from the land of the rising sun. Now, you don't HAVE to own or even ride aisan 'peds. On the contrary, the more variety the merrier! BUT, I'm looking to stick a thorn in the side of these yuppie vespa riders who think that they're the only ones with "style". (no offense to any vespa owners on here, ya unerstand grin but you do know where I'm comming from, right?)

So, what do you say Arizona??

Jarrod Barger

aka Neothespian

Re: Calling all AZ Japanese Scooter/ped fanatics!!

InfectedBootSector /

You'll surely find LOTS of support here for your Ped endevours, but not for the scooters... Scooters aren't frowned upon here, (hell, I wouldn't mind having one myself...), but we all concentrate on Peds here...

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