Weird tomos (pic)

Did anybody see this thing? It doesn't look anything like a tomos. What is it? The engine doesn't even look like a tomos engine.

Re: Weird tomos (pic)

I like it tho

Re: Weird tomos (pic)

Re: Weird tomos (pic)

just curious...what do i have to type to put links in my posts?

Re: Weird tomos (pic)

SteelToad /

You have to add the html code (simpler than it sounds)

So if I want to put a link to I would type

<A href="">moped army</A>

Re: Weird tomos (pic)

OR, you can just put one of these <

It's not a Tomos.

Reeperette /

It has a Tomos front end on it, but I think the back half's a Honda of some type.

Definately not a Tomos, and certainly not a Targa, however.


Re: Weird tomos (pic)

SteelToad /

(In my best 5 yr old whining voice)

Yeah, but my way lets you put in your own text. So there :)

* thats very handy to know though, thanx

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