RD 50 hot ups

Hi ya there! Has anybody out there hotted up a Yamaha RD 50?

What can be done to them mechanically and cosmetically?

Please post and info you know, or e-mail any pics to me!



p.s. I posted an earlier message about my piaggio Zip SP but no-one was interested! whats wrong with you people? It may be a scooter but it is still 50cc (which classes as a MOPED!)

Re: RD 50 hot ups

Not according to the Motor vehicle Dept. of a lot of Provinces and States. It wasn't that I wasn't interested, I just couldn't help you out on a model I'd never heard of. bruce

Re: RD 50 hot ups

Yeah Maz, if we have never heard of one, then how can we help you? If you had a moped, you would have gotten a response, but since you have a scooter... We aren't anti scooter here, we just prefer mopeds, which is where our expertise lies.

Re: RD 50 hot ups

What country are you from ?

an RD50 can be hopped up all the normal 2 stroke ways

Mill the head for proper 'squish'.

Port the cylinder.

Put a tuned exhaust pipe on it.

Bigger carb.

Try here for parts http://www.50cc.nl/

Like this pipe they have for an RD50m

<IMG scr="http://www.50cc.nl/plaatjes-onderd/1616.jpg">;

Be careful.. you need to get the RIGHT part for your model in your country.

These parts come from the Netherlands in Europe.

So you don't want the wrong part.

The cylinder porting and head milling can be done locally at any dirtbike shop near you.

Re: RD 50 hot ups

Try that pipe pic again

(it may not work)

<IMG src="http://www.50cc.nl/plaatjes-onderd/1616.jpg">;

Re: RD 50 hot ups...Here's the YAMAHA RZ50

Here's a link to the RZ50 available in JAPAN...

This is the kinda cool stuff that will never be able to come here...Here in the States you can barely buy a street motorcycle under 600cc with only a few exceptions (The best being the the NINJA 250 which I may buy next year)...


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