Contest (moped song for BRAK!!)

There's a contest on Cartoon Network where you can write a song for BRAK to sing.

I can see Brak singing about mopeds. This would be great--- BRAK will sing OUR song.

if only we had a song.

Anyway, it's a long shot, but a song about the moped army on cartoon channel would be great in a number of ways.

have any of you heard Brak's songs??

".....You can do it....!"

-The you can do it guy

Re: Contest (moped song for BRAK!!)

I guess I am getting old. Who the hell is Brak ? bruce

Re: Contest (moped song for BRAK!!)

omg.. Brak is the green mantis from space ghost coast to coast.. only the funniest show in the entire world.

see cartoon network listings...

space ghost has a talk show and all his enimies are co-stars

fun stuff.. check it out bruce.. you've been missing out.

Re: Contest (moped song for BRAK!!)

Wayne, Take the BLUE Pill and call me in the morning!!!! and Don`t drink the pretty blue water in the toilet.....HA! HA! Kidding.. Doug D.

(moped song for BRAK!!)


Moltar is the enemy of Space Ghost who runs the media center. Always slacking off, never getting the clips right, planning to kill space ghot.

Zorak is an evil praying mantis who is out to kill Space ghost. He talks in a raspy voice and is kind of like the "Ed McMahon" of Space Ghost

BRAK is the monkey kind of looking alien, who is half-lobotomized and very silly--- He sings about things he likes, beans, soup on a stick, He sings about his magic toenail..... he sings about a lot of silly things.

Brak is SO funny. Any other BRAK fans here?

(moped song for BRAK!!)(Link)

Re: (moped song for BRAK!!)

Oh dang...

the show is funny as hell and yes i do watch it.. not religously though.. im bad with names.. very bad.. hehe.

yeah.. brak is the one always yelling..

Zorack is the bes.t. I love when space ghost zaps him and he turns to charcoal.

its halerious! we sat up one night about 2 am or so a few years back and were drinking and I rmember the first time it came on.. iw as like space ghost... ah man turn this crap.. until i saw a few seconds of it... I swear to god.. I have never laughed so hard in my life.

Re: (moped song for BRAK!!)

Woah! I'm a huge Brak fan! I've got the t-shirt with his head shot that says "Hey! Where's my baloney sammitch?!" I don't get cartoon network anymore, but I've got some of his songs on my computer and the Space Ghost musical barbeque. My favorite song is the song about beans.

Lima, Lentil

Soy and Pinto

Navy, Northern


Kideys and

Frijoles Negros


"Brak's my name, and that's... what it is!"

Re: (moped song for BRAK!!)

InfectedBootSector /

Hahaha... The Musical BBQ cd is AWESOME....

I took it over to a band camp I was teaching at and all the high school kids still sing the songs off of it...

They have another CD to, but I can't remember the title.

The song on there about the gym teacher is pretty funny to...

"I'm just cutting muffins!"

Re: (moped song for BRAK!!)

I think the other CD is something like "Space Ghost's Surf 'N Turf". I heard it once. It's got the song "Metalhead" where brak just yells a bunch of gibberish to some fast paced heavy metal beat. Funny as hell!

Re: (moped song for BRAK!!)

hey bootsector.. one time at bad camp..

lol... just teasin.

Re: (moped song for BRAK!!)

InfectedBootSector /

Man.. I knew someone was gonna do that...

Anway... yeah.. band people are weird. Boy do I have some stories.... ; )

People in high school always called us gay for being in band... that didn't make one bit of sense to me, seeing that there were 12 guys and 60 girls... hmmmm

I think our chances were a lot better than the fooball team of hooking up with someone of the opposite sex....

At least we didn't shower together....

Re: (moped song for BRAK!!)

When I first saw that show at a glance,I told my 18 yr.old that Brak looked evil,and watch out what he was watching on TV. Then Justin told me;`Dad, it's really should check it out.'I remember thinking it was pretty silly,but parts of it WERE really funny.Just haven't watched it guys are `ate up'! LOL!! Brak could sing `Ride Away' by Roy Orbison.Or `Leader of the Pack',in that hilarious `off-tune' voice.

Re: (moped song for BRAK!!)

Regina Powell /

There could be a line where he compares the sound of a 2-stroke with the post-eating-beans sounds. (Hehehehehe...)

Sorry. My ped's a 4-stroke and I get uppity sometimes.


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